Sunday, February 10, 2013

Snow Blowing with my brand new Cub Cadet snow blower

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Snow Blowing with my brand new Cub Cadet snow blower
Today I claim the adage – “A picture is worth a Thousand Words”.  I am too sore to type and too tired to sit in one position too long!

A week ago we were able to invest in a new snow blower. Yesterday I was able to test it out for four hours of snow blowing. That included our own driveway at two hours and our different neighbors around us that were struggling with small shovels.

On February 8th at 5 PM it began to snow and it didn’t stop until 11 PM on the 9th.  We have a lot of snow to move around.

After the snow plow came by the snow was packed in at the end of the driveway at 24 inches deep and hard packed at that.

So here are some of the 109 photos that my wife and I took to help you see what happened in our lives.

I need a Tylenol pain pill now. Oh Boy!!!

This photo is of one super pooped snow blower eating the biggest bowl of oatmeal!  Was it ever Good!

~ Murray Lincoln ~
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