Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Discovering King Richard III – Wow!

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Discovering King Richard III – Wow!
This is a fascinating story to say the least!  A woman walking by a parking lot at a social services building in England felt cold chills over her body. 

As the story I read has unfolded this led to the excavation and exhuming of a skeleton.  Tests run on this skeleton along with evidence collected from the living, that are relatives… has proven that this dead dude was a King!

No kidding! The king is none other than King Richard III, who was an evil man with a nasty attitude.

He was the King that died at the end of the War of the Roses and King.  The battle was known as the Battle of Bosworth. He was defeated by Henry Tudor, who became King Henry VII.

When they did the forensics on the skeleton of this King they found a metal arrow head in his back and some huge damage to the back of his head at the base of the skull – likely made by a bladed weapon.

From a King to a grave one meter below the parking lot of the social services office – not a very grandiose ending to say the least.  And he lay in the ground at that spot, buried at or under a church for 500 years. However the church was gone a long time ago and houses were built on near that spot… and in the building of that row of houses – dear King Richard III’s feet went missing.

Check out the story here and see the photos of the newly constructed head of King Richard III.  http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/richard-iii-facial-reconstruction-shows-1586792

Reading this and having studied some of the history of the time… as well as having watched the TV series entitled “The Tudors” made very interested.

Out of the super ugly times with the violence and hatred that existed then we have Royalty now.  Wow!  It give me strong feelings as well as I think of my ancestors that left that land to come to North America to find a better way to live and a new land that was free of that stuff of the past.

It is a fascinating story to follow as I have already stated.  Today when I have time I will read more.  And to think History in school used to be a drag.  I think it was the teacher(s) that I had… or maybe I am a little older. Hmmm?

~ Murray Lincoln ~
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