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Success is having ‘Lighthouses’ and ‘Lightning Rods’

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Success is having ‘Lighthouses’ and ‘Lightning Rods’
How can I make my business succeed? 
How can I have a better Life? 
What can I do?

I have an answer to all these questions. Imagine an answer to a major life question!

The answer comes in two parts. I need ‘Lighthouses’ and ‘Lightning Rods’.

Think first what each of these structures do.

A Lighthouse is built on the shore near the water and particularly near the rocks and shallow water – where boats could be destroyed.

There is never one Lighthouse. Usually there are at least two… and if they are located along a river there will be numerous Lighthouses on each side all along the river banks indicating where the shore line is and where potential danger is located for the boats and ships that navigate the river.

A Lightning Rod is a metal rod that is mounted on top of a building. Leading from the rod to the ground is sturdy cable that is fastened tightly to another rod that is inserted into the ground down deep. When an electrical storm comes by and the possibility of the lightning discharge from the heavens comes by, the Lightning Rod draws the super charge to itself and directly into the ground. 

But in another way it also drains off the grounding charge upwards so that Lightning strikes are less likely. This ‘relieving’ of electrical pressure build up, wards off dangerous strikes of lightning.  An old barn without this Lightning Rod will be a highpoint and a great target for the strike to destroy it.

Now that I have fumbled with a Physics instruction class I will try to explain further.

In my Business(and Life) I need Lighthouses.  As I travel from the Big Ocean of Ideas, trying to find a Safe Harbour of Opportunity I need Lighthouses on the horizon.  Without these structures or people in my life I will sink my Business Boat.  Finding these reference points along the shore will help me miss big rocks and problems that will be disastrous.

Because my Life and my Business are pretty much connected in every way now both are affected by the Lighthouses.
So what are Lighthouses in my Life and Business?

Lighthouses are people that I have built into my connections. They are the people in my ‘networks’ in the larger community outside my own business.  They may not even be related to my business opportunities and in an altogether different area than I am. But we are connected.

I meet them at the Mall, in coffee shops, seminars and network meetings of all sorts.

Like a Lighthouse they are simply there as a marker.  What they are doing can be seen. They are examples to relate to.  Sometimes it is positive, others not so much.  At times what they are doing or have done something I might try… or more important… what they did or tried failed and becomes a warning to my business practices.

Simply I learn from these folks.

I can make a choice to not connect and never look their way. Perhaps even treat them with disgust and walk away. I can stay to myself because, “I know it all and can do much better”.

And it is so easy to do just that when you are busy and doing your own thing.

But making choices to be isolated will never let me see my possible Lighthouses.

It is the same in Life, each of us need many someone-s that will be there to listen to our ideas and challenge things that need to be questioned.

What about Lightning Rods?

In the Small Business world, just like real life, there are people that just don’t help.  They are negative and miserable. If they get into your life the super negative charge will be unloaded and something will burn up – just like the barn being hit by lightning. Kerpow!

Having negative people around you all the time is draining.  It is tiresome and does nothing to boost your energy levels.

Working at a Small Business where the downers speak out to tell you “That will never work here… other people have tried and failed… I wish you luck!” Or… ``I tried what you are doing and failed… Good LUCK!

After a few failures that normally come along in any good plan, you will simply star believing the Lightning Comments from these folk.

After a few failures in a row anyone can feel down. It happens to everyone.

I make sure that I have positive Lightning Rods around me.  These are people that will speak about great stuff that has happened and believe in great ideas.  Even if you look for negative feelings they will not allow that kind of thing into their lives.  One good person like this can neutralize about six of the other kind.

Not choosing to be a negative Lightning Rod yourself is a better way to live.  My speaking positively, talking about dreams instead of dread will broadcast a better message.  People want to be with you when you shine.

In life it is way more fun to stand out in the sunshine than it is to stand in the rain with the possibility of a lightning strike.

Some people say that is thinking positively. It definitely is living with a better outlook.

So there is one of my secrets… Lighthouses and Lightning Rods – positive ones.

~ Murray Lincoln ~
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