Friday, February 22, 2013

Gag Me – Yuk!

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Gag Me – Yuk!
As my friends in parts of Britain are struggling with the fact that some of their meat that was thought to be beef – was actually horse… I feel for them.

The vegetarian folk laughed at the meat eaters, “That will teach you barbarians!” they scoffed. “You should look to the vegetarian diet, it is much safer!”

Then today another friend of mine shared a great photo for the vegetarians.  Here it is.

Now over the days of dieting my wife has found some amazing pre-assembled salads. All you have to do is tear open the package and pour on the small package of dressing.  It is so easy and so good.

You now need to read of the story that arrived to the photo above. The Story for you.

Some of the family had already eaten the salad. The lady that discovered the ‘treasure’ in her salad had not yet taken a bite.

I am going to eat breakfast now.  I am going to watch TV as I do. I am not going to look into my bowl or on my plate.  That is the way that I usually do it.  I concentrate on something else or someone else that is speaking. At least that is the way that I have done it up to now.

And from this minute on if there is anything in the salad that is a wee bit hard to cut… or comes in lumps… I think I will carefully push the plate away.

Who knows what bird might be in the bush when they plucked the leaves for all of us wanna be vegans!!?

Let alone all the bugs that crawled over that green leaf.

Horse meat looks good – if it is cooked right!

Dog meat is more reddish than beef.

And both animals were made dead before being cut up. They were not like the poor little bird that became famous with one salad.

My diet is going to be far easier from this minute on. I am simply not going to eat anything!

Gag me… nope you won’t have to do that at all. I am able to do that part on my own.  Deep breath… deeeeeep breath…. Pant, pant, pant… Deeeeeep Breath!
~ Murray Lincoln ~

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