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An amazing time at the Buckhorn Heritage Day – February 16, 2013 – thanks folks

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An amazing time at the Buckhorn Heritage Day – February 16, 2013 – thanks folks
The little girl with the Kitten Face was only three.  She kept coming back and back again to my display table.  But she was a cute little ‘imp’ to say the least. Daddy tried to keep up with her… but was not always successful.  She loved the ‘Dancing Dan’ and made him dance for all he was worth. And I loved having her there!!!

She danced a little jig when making Dan dance to the Quebec style fiddle music.

One of the first young fellows to come by my table display of the carvings and art work was about 10 years old. He stopped and tried to make Dan dance too.  Then as he stood there another one of him came again. Huh?  It was his twin brother.  Then as they stood there together another one of them came as well.  The third one was a spitting image of the first two – nope not a triplet but rather a one year younger brother.  Mom told us how she had enough when the third one arrived – she knew she would be too busy.

As the different people came by to look and touch, then take part in what we were doing at our table they would talk about life. That is what the table was all about – or rather that is what I am all about.

One old fellow started with some jokes… then he told stories about life. One after another he told me of the old days.  I hadn’t heard many of the stories before. But the stories were not as important as simply listening to a lonely old fellow that wanted to speak to someone.

Nope we didn’t sell a bundle of stuff or carvings. Together my wife and I sold ourselves.  We may have sold over $300 of one item that people will write to me about later.  We sold at least one or maybe two possible wedding ceremonies (I am a retired Minister)– which usually result in a few more after each one is over.

What I have described is the wonder of being part of the Buckhorn Heritage Day – held yesterday at the Buckhorn Community Centre – February 16, 2013.  It was all about connecting with people.  And at Buckhorn we do that over and over again!

I looked up one time and there stood four strapping young men. I say strapping because even below the maroon and white hockey shirts that they were wearing you could see the size of these dudes. They were big and they were tall.  I knew immediately if they were standing on their skates they would easily be head and shoulders above anyone else in the room.

Who were these young fellows?  They were the players from our Peterborough Petes – the local Ontario Hockey League team in our city. (read about them here)

These guys will very likely be drafted in a year or so to one of the National Hockey League teams.  Within in a short few months or years they could be the next “Gretzky” of the Hockey world.

They were kind of bashful when I asked them if they had every worked a lathe or wood before.  Two of them stepped up to try the Spring Pole Lathe that I was demonstrating.  You can see in the photo that I am standing beside a ‘man’ that is bigger than me – yet likely between 17 and 20 years old (not sure – I never asked how old they were).

With these guys was their Head Coach Jody Hull (read about him here). 
Jody is a very personable and likable guy.  A dynamic community man – and a Head Coach who has recently brought the team from the very bottom of the league to become a possible contender for a playoff spot.  But whether they make it or not they have become “our team” and showing up at the Heritage Day goes a long ways toward being our community champions.

It was fun to see the young people and adults asking for their autographs. Nuts… I should have asked for one from each of them as well!

Here is my moment with these great guys… thanks Petes!

All in all I will be back again if I can move my old body into action next year. (It is getting harder to load and unload all my stuff… and I pay for the day after!!!)

But the day was successful only because so many people took part in the organizing and development of the day’s events.  These were the hidden people that so faithfully work behind the scenes.

Because of the amount of things that I bring to the shows, I am usually the last to leave when we get all the things packed up. And that is when you see the ‘special people’ cleaning up and making the place look like brand new again… it is also the moment that you see some of the husbands that come to lift all the heavy equipment back to its storage area. 

It was at that very end as I was leaving the building, one of the ‘lead actresses’ in the community theatre events held at “Buckhorn Dinner Theatre”, was sweeping the floor and cleaning the area that she was working on.  Now that is commitment and I thanked her for all that they had done for us.

Impressed is not a good enough word for me to use to tell you what I feel about this event. All these people put WOW in the WOW Factor of a community event!  Thank you Buckhorn Heritage Day – you folk are amazing!!!!

~ Murray Lincoln ~
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