Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Reddit and Imagur – sure fire help for long winter days

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Reddit and Imagur – sure fire help for long winter days
This Blog is read by many people. Some of them are little older. Many of them are in Canada and the colder parts of the USA.  The stats tell me all that.

So for those folk today I offer something special.

It is February 19 and Ontario is about to get another snow storm. To the west of Ontario they have just had another blizzard – for non-blizzard people means lots of snow and high winds.  In these cases Canadians and Northern US people stay inside.

And on these days they usually do things on their computers. Things like Facebook and email are popular more and more this winter.  You can also see as the storm hits an area there are way more posts than normal. BUT not all your emails and Facebook posts are answered – are they?

Having said all that I have something to offer these storm bound and storm stayed friends of mine.  It is called “Reddit” and also another one that is kind of connected “Imgur”.  These two sites will help anyone make it through a storm wherever it might be and for whatever time is needed to get through it.

BUT a fair warning, both are a ridiculously time wasting. Once into the sites and into what they do you will not come out for hours!  In fact my guess is… if you start today you may not come out until Springtime is half over!  Winter will have gone and you will not be able to even remember where it went!!!

 I do not know how to explain “www.reddit.com” – other than it’s like the comment area on Facebook… only a gazillion times more – on almost any topic. And if the topic doesn’t exist you can start one… then sit back and watch how many people might think like you did at that moment.

“Imgur” is all about images.  People are allowed to comment on any image that appears and then you can Like or Dislike the photo… resulting in so many points for the image… and comments can be good or not so good – crude at times and without much editing… resulting in unkind comments at times. Instead of just your world of Friends seeing the photo and image… the entire world can see it.

My suggestion is that you may not want to contribute something that is too personal, something or someone that you love… because as sure as I type this there are real jerks that will cut it to pieces.

www.imgur.com is one of the strangest places I have visited on the Web – yet totally fascinating!

So, now as the storm approaches today for central Ontario… and those in Northern Ontario along with Manitoba blow snow… enjoy the Reddit and Imgur.

I do not know an antidote for these two sites yet… other than a good shovel and lots of snow!

Good luck!!
~ Murray Lincoln ~
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