Monday, February 25, 2013

Mary – Queen of Heaven Statue is completed

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Mary – Queen of Heaven Statue is completed

I began this latest work of restoring the Statues at the Sacred Heart Church in Peterborough, a way back in Oct - Nov 2012.  The Blog Post on Nov 17, 2012 “Sacred Heart of Jesus Church and my art work of Restoring Jesus” tells of part of the story of the work I did on the Statue of Jesus.

After the New Year I began work on the Statue of Mary.  It is entitled “Mary – Queen of Heaven”.

The Statue was painted completely white about 45 years ago when a major renovation on the church took place.

“Mary” is not complete. And this week she will be back in her place to encourage worship at Sacred Heart Church.

I cannot adequately express the joy that I feel with the completion of this piece of art.

In the process of preparing to paint Mary I dug below the white paint to find some of the most amazing and intricate designs ever.  Then to best of my ability I tried to follow he design the original artist had presented. I tried to hard but still it is not quite as good. But only the original artist and Mary know the areas that needed their hands – not mine.

But the statue is now complete. The work is all done. And this coming Sunday the folk will see the final product of weeks of work.

Following the signature below you will see the many photos. My Facebook Friends have already had an opportunity to see.  Here she is for my Blog Followers.

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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 The following photos show the progression of the painting...

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