Thursday, February 21, 2013

Three Cheers for Hillary Mantel!!!

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Three Cheers for Hillary Mantel!!!
Did you catch the way that some of the idiots in the British press have been acting lately?  You know the ones that take everything out of context and blow words around like I blow snow??

Well I am totally convinced that they have had way too much snow fall in good old Britain and particularly the London area. It has affected the writers of stupid articles in that fair land.

I don’t think it is anything new – it is just the same old same old stuff that goes around.  They write things to make them feel like they have done a job – when in actual fact the words they write confirms our suspicions that they are idiots.

Now I want to state something that I am proud of – my family left England about 400 years ago to arrive in Hingham, Mass., naming that village after the place they left in England. Then from there they wondered further and further into the new land that would eventually become the USA. From the USA they wondered north to what had become Canada and in particular – Saskatchewan. They arrived in Saskatchewan about the time or just after it was named.

So I am proud that the family escaped good old England and the newspaper writers of that country.  We are free to be less criticized than they are.

What am I referring to?  Well this week the Royals are again the target of the Newspaper Hoopla.

One poor woman was the target of their stupidity by certain newspaper writers misquoting her speech that she had made concerning the ‘Royals’. She was in fact asking people to leave the Royals be and stop railing on them about what they wear and what they do.

Mind you this is the same time that the Duchess of Kent, Kate Middelton, comes out to a function.  Every camera in Britain was focused on her ‘baby bump’.  She is pregnant and will be having the most popular baby of all times according to what all are saying.

So at this time misquotes are flying saying that Ms. Hillary Mantel has said terrible things about Kate and other Royals.  Nothing and I mean absolutely nothing could be further from the truth – Hillary was standing up for Kate and other Royals and telling the public to leave them alone!

Read more about this here.

I believe that Hillary is very correct in what she has written.  The obsession that the Newspapers have with hounding these poor people is nuts. Worse yet the people that buy the newspapers to see what someone has said in an outlandish way are even worse.

The dear folk of Britain run to buy the biggest lies to feed their own minds full of stupidity.  I mean why buy this crap when you know that it is not true?

Often I am in the lineup at the cash register I see the ‘rumour magazines’ staring at me. The titles are stupid to the max. They have little truth and everyone knows it. But people actually buy the stuff!!! Can you believe it!!?

Hillary you are a great woman and what you have said makes perfect sense.

Also Hillary if you are sick of the whackos that live in Britain… come to Canada.  We are related in some way or other but we all escaped the nut bars that write newspapers on the lovely isle.

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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