Thursday, February 7, 2013

Panic Attacks – Terrible Pain – and keeping the Customer happy

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Panic Attacks – Terrible Pain – and keeping the Customer happy
I have never really thought of this before yesterday.  It never crossed my mind at all. All the years of shopping and being the customer I have never considered what happens when the store owner or the employee gets into personal trouble while on the job. Yikes – now I know!

Each week I have been given the great opportunity to be in the Mall working with the Crop Circles store in the Peterborough Square.  As many of your know I set up my table filled with my wood carvings and lace products.  And the best part is the day is filled with conversation with the folk that are walking through the Mall.  The engagement with potential customers is invigorating to say the least.

But… and it is a BIG BUT… if you get in trouble personally and have to suddenly leave your post – WHAT DO YOU DO?  Do you leave the goods that you are selling out in the open?  Do you cover everything up?  What if you do not have a cover?

What if the sudden, personal trouble is an attack of bowel problems?  What if the rumbling over takes the sound of the person’s voice you are speaking with… sheesh!?  Good old diarrhea can be disastrous!

I never ever thought about that until yesterday… not at all.

Well it did happen and it was a loooong day.

Now adding to my predicament of yesterday was the fact that the Mall’s washroom for men is often frequented by some really odd characters… and with only one urinal and one toilet sitter… it can get busy and embarrassing!

And if you have an accident how to you recover from an accident that is potentially a total disaster?

Well that didn’t happen yesterday – thank God for that. But the potential for absolutely mortifying, debilitating, wipe out that is so totally not cool – never happened!!!  But for 8 long hours I was sure it was going to happen.

Now if you are reading this early in the morning I apologize.  It isn’t meant to start your day off wrong.

By posting this small story about a big crisis personally I have a brand new appreciation for Mall staff, store owners and anyone caught in important customer service work.  You have my complete and unreserved respect for your job… and the grace that you show in covering your personal crisis.

It is a simple ‘thank you’ post as well to one staff member that was willing to stand nearby when I had to really shuffle off quickly down the Mall.  Thanks a million Kathi!!!!

Today is a marvelous day… a really good day. I can see wonderful things happening and no panic attacks at all.  What a RELIEF!

~ Murray Lincoln ~
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