Friday, February 1, 2013

My Trouble Tree

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My Trouble Tree
Here is one old story that was shared with us about family and marriage and work..

A man bought a house and moved in. he was watching his new neighbours trying to find out who they were and what they were like.  Times were tough for everyone...

He watched one day as the man across the street returned home... walking slowly up the street towards home.  He saw the man turn into his yard... and then stop... in front of the big tree.  The man then placed his hands on the tree and held it for a while.  His head kind of bowed... then he looked at the bark on the tree... and stood there with his hands in place on the bark. It was longer that just someone stopping to look at the bark.

What the new neighbour saw was unusual... each day the man across the street did the same thing - over and over as he came home.

After he stood holding on to the tree he then picked up his things and went into his happy family - wife and kids...

One day the new neighbour could stand it no longer - he had to know why his across the street neighbour did such and odd thing with the tree - over and over again.

The man across the street smiled... and was happy to tell his new neighbour what was happening.

"The tree is not just a tree... it is my 'trouble tree'... each night as I come home all the stuff from the factory is really bothering me... things at work are not always good... things have me worried about my job and the future. Before I go into my house I stop and put my hands on my 'trouble tree' and give all of the thoughts and stuff that is bothering me to the tree.  It never complains and always takes the load I give it.  Then I can walk into my family and home without the things of that day being part of our family." the man stated simply.

This simple story has helped me over and over again as I deal with dumb stuff in my life.

Where is your “Trouble Tree” – and how well does it work for you?

~ Murray Lincoln ~
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Nichola said...

Fabulous post! Lovely story :)