Monday, February 11, 2013

The Shifting and Changing Sands of Government for Premiere Katherine Wynne

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The Shifting and Changing Sands of Government for Premiere Katherine Wynne
The shifting and changing sands of leadership – whoa!

This morning the Newspapers are filled with the changes that are coming to our provincial politics in Ontario. Last month and the last few weeks were the reasons for the upheaval that is taking place.  The Liberal Party of Ontario elected a new Leader Katherine Wynne.  With that election Ms. Wynne becomes the new Premiere of Ontario.

Now she has to make some important decisions.  Decisions – not Decision. She had to decide on who stays working at the jobs they were working at in the Liberal Government and who would be replaced.  The last term of the Liberal Government definitely rankled many groups and many people getting them into very deep water.  The Ontario Elementary and Secondary Teachers groups were but two to have their feathers ruffled and even plucked.

Now Premiere Wynne needs to satisfy everyone.

She needs to cool down the anger of the teachers… and still hold to the Government’s old decisions… kind of. She needs to reward faithful supporters of herself and her division of the Liberal party and get rid of the opposition Liberals that could be considered a threat for the future.

She is cleaning house to say the least.  Good people will be rewarded and not so good (interpret that not so supportive) will be changing roles now.

It is politics at its best.

My simple task is to support my leadership. I do that by praying for them. It is the least that I can do. I do that with the hope that God will help direct them.  I also do that by attempting to connect people to support/pray for them by way of a Blog entitled   

Yep! I am the culprit behind what happens in the Ontario Provincial Chaplaincy.  The OPC is not obtrusive and is non-partisan.  It works quietly at the outside ring of political life by concentrating prayer and support for the local politicians wherever they live, work and lead.

Unlike other ‘spiritual’ groups that are involved with Political Leadership – or in the contacting of these leaders for express purposes of changing their minds, influencing or redirecting Leadership their way… OPC does not do that. We simply encourage and support.

Did you know or have you realized that a ‘friend’ is more likely to listen to you than an ‘enemy’?  Most of us on a school yard in elementary school knew that at an early age.

Many times our religious leaders have chosen to oppose the Leadership of a Province/State or a Nation. They have had it in for these ‘people’ that make these horrible, sinful decisions!  And they have no reserves in telling the politicians what they think of them.  They, in fact, love to have the Leadership know they are in opposition to what the ‘church’ believes.

I have been turned off with the many ways the ‘church’ tries to influence the Government.  Or I should say – not the ‘church’ but rather the ‘leadership’ in some cases have set up walls and divisions.

As I watch closely the politicians and the way that they live, there are some that show signs of “sin”… definitely!  But at the same time I watch the church and the way that they live, there are just as many, if not more, people “sinning” in their everyday living.

Someone said that by pointing a finger at someone for what they do or don’t do… is not so good. You need only to turn your hand over and see that three fingers are pointing back at you – the main problem.

In OPC we want to point all our fingers straight out – with an open hand shake.  If the fingers are not pointing out in that mode… they are curled up in a fist and the fast is shaking!

I pray today for Premiere Wynne and her new team to lead well. I pray for those that are being shuffled out or around that they will find new meaning in their new work and roles. Today I pray.

~ Murray Lincoln ~
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