Monday, February 18, 2013

Way to go Martha Hall Findlay – sock it to Justin Trudeau – wahoo!

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Way to go Martha Hall Findlay – sock it to Justin Trudeau – wahoo!
Ooops! Martha Hall Findlay goofed. In a debate that had some sizzle she attacked one of her fellow politicians, Justin Trudeau, for not understanding the middle class people he speaks about – because he is rich or from anything but middle class. That is my way to interpreting what she said against Justin.

The news media picked it up immediately.  Some of the crowd listening to the debate boo-ed her comment in the debate. Ooops – she stepped over the thin line of acceptable/not acceptable.

On Sunday she quickly published an apology on her Web Site to Justin Trudeau and other Liberals that she wants to have voting for her at the convention in April. (1. Apology report – 2. Apology Posted )

I have seen Martha Hall Findlay’s comments, Justin Trudeau’s life, and all the other politicians that are trying to push themselves forward for re-election/election. I have thought about all that they ALL say and do.  Then back again to Martha’s comments in that heated moment about Justin.

And with my mulling over these matters I have come to realize that none of them have a cotton pickin’ clue about where most Canadians live and struggle each week!

They have never clipped a coupon or followed newspaper flyers for the bargains that they need to make it possible to save a wee bit of money. 

They do not know what it is like to be deeply affected by the local politicians raising taxes again and again – making new assessments on property that they have no idea about. 

They do not have to drive an old car until it drops and then worry about where in the world they will be able to get another vehicle – or how to pay for repairs on the old car again.

When they retire they will never see their incomes go down – but rather up.

And that isn’t only Justin Trudeau’s situation it is also Martha Hall Findlay who is as of now not elected, but rather running a very good business and is paid very well. Both were and are well healed to say the least.

They have never seen the inside of the Food Bank or lined up with the others outside.

But whoa!  That isn’t the middle class that Martha was giving it to Justin about.  Most of the middle class do not get the chance to do the Food Bank – nor do they receive public assistance money for rent, dental, or whatever they need – like cigarettes.

I want to thank Martha for saying it like it is.  Most politicians have little or no idea what it is about. Oh yes they have handlers and helpers that supposedly tell them what the real world is about – but only tell them what they should say to get the vote.

I think Martha Hall Findlay is telling it like it is but she shouldn’t pick on poor Justin.  If Justin goes back to teaching he can be in one of the wealthiest pension plans and strongest unions going – the Teachers Unions that have more money that anyone and have a better pension plan than anyone can imagine.  In fact they are right up there with the Politicians.

It is Canada that I write from.  It is February and it is super cold – at Minus 22 C this AM when I got up.  And in Canada a good debate gets your blood flowing… keeping you warm.

Now if you don’t vote for Justin or Martha – you have all the Conservatives to vote for next time. That thought alone should melt all the Canadian snow – everywhere!  Global Warming at its best!!!!

Wahoo for Martha Hall Findlay – you go girl!

~ Murray Lincoln ~
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