Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Elevator Talk and Prison Stuff

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The Elevator Talk and Prison Stuff
As they stepped into our elevator the three couples already were definitely in a party mood. The giggles burst in peals of laughter.  Too much fun!

They were younger than we are for sure.

On the way down the 31 floor hotel one man with the group caught my eye and asked, “How are you folks tonight?” 

I smiled and said, “Great!”

He responded, “So are you with the Boat Show too?” with a big grin on his face.  And his giggling friends all looked at us.

“Nope. I am here about Prisons and guys in prison.” expecting a comeback of some kind.

You know – on an elevator with happy people that are in the party mood, you can completely change the atmosphere by a statement like that. Wow!

From giggles to sober in a heartbeat the ‘salesman’ didn’t know what to say.

In business we are trained to do an ‘elevator talk’.  You are supposed to be able to tell other parties sharing the elevator with you, what you do, and then promote your business before you reach the ground floor. And then as you exit the elevator you present your business card and invite them to call you.

He was starting his ‘elevator talk’. My answer left him sputtering a little.  The door opened and they all giggled at him.  The gals with him, perhaps the bathing suit beauties around his boats, knew his ‘elevator talk’ routine.  Now this was really funny.

Tell someone on an elevator that you are either from Prison, or going into Prison or know people that live there… they DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO SAY!  Too darn funny!

My wife and I are staying in a beautiful hotel in Ottawa to frame this story properly.  I am attending a national committee meeting where I sit as the vice-chair for Canada.  The committee is dealing with all the issues inside of prison and outside of prison. We will report on what is happening in each of our Provinces across Canada. Mine is Ontario.

This morning I thought of the poor guy that kind of choked in the middle of his elevator talk.
I am also thinking of what will happen in the next two days. My wife will be shopping and having fun as I sit and listen with a numb bum.

But the elevator talk was priceless – and the dude will be thinking about me today. Too funny.

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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