Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Two ‘Robberies’ that will warm your thoughts

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Two ‘Robberies’ that will warm your thoughts
Two robberies took place not long ago that has caused much concern.  One involved diamonds and the other money.

A small group of highly organized bandits hit an airplane in Belgium and took the diamonds. Estimates are that the worth between 50 – 130 Million Euros.

Secondly - A small lady ‘stole’ $2.5 Million of someone’s money – without even leaving home.

The bandits were very bold.  The small lady is also very bold but for a different reason… and she is not a thief at all – yet they claim she ‘stole’ money.

Now If I stop here and ask you to solve this riddle – could you do it?

I think you have already solved one part of the riddle.  That part is the heist of the diamonds that took less than 5 minutes to carry out… but likely months of planning from the look of it.  The news story can be seen here.

But you may not get the other one as easily.

Let me give you more hints about the lady.

She was able to pocket the money – all $2.5 Million by saying “Yes” and doing nothing.  She was supposed to do something but then didn’t have to do that something.  The something was cancelled and she had no more responsibility to the group that contacted her.  And she still had the money.

Is that enough?

Maybe I should tell you that the girls works all over North America for sure and was supposed to work in Ottawa… but didn’t.  And it was only a “one off job”.

Imagine $2.5 Million for one little task.

Now that likely has thrown you for a loop when you connect big money to one lady and to Ottawa. 

Good Lord it has to be a politician again…!!! Was it in health care?  Maybe aboriginal stuff?  How about fighter jets – maybe she was the expert to check on tight bolts and nuts on the new fighter jets that are skyrocketing in price?

That must have thrown you off by now. Good riddle to say the least.

Well that is enough pulling your leg – isn’t it?

The little lady’s name is Taylor Swift. They signed her to do a concert entitled a “Capital Hoedown” and gave her the $2.5 Million as a standard practice.

Then they cancelled the concert and gave the fans their money back… highly anticipating that Taylor, the dear little lady, would give their money back.  But she didn’t and apparently won’t.

You can read the ins and outs of the story here.

As you read about these stories – does it make your blood boil?  Warms mine up a bit to say the least.  On a cold winter’s day with more snow coming it can be well needed.

Poor Miss Swift, they are now suing her for the money.

Poor Antwerp Diamond folk… too bad. I am sure that there will be a law suit over this one.

But Miss Swift has done the best. Not in the amount but in the fact that money can be spent. The thieves that took the diamonds have to sell them to someone… who?  Won’t someone find out?


~ Murray Lincoln ~

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