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Coming close to Mother Mary – and the First Miracle

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Coming close to Mother Mary – and the First Miracle
I began working with Mary, the Mother of Jesus, yesterday.  The Blessed Virgin in the minds of good Christian people. 

And in the minds of my Catholic friends she is highly revered. That is true especially about the Statue that has stood for so many years in Sacred Heart Church in Peterborough.

If you have followed my story, where I have been working in the Statues at the Sacred Heart Church, I have completed the restoration work in Jesus before Christmas 2012.  The next in line for me to work on is this one of Mary.

Now in some circles there is mystery about Statues. As people focus their attention and pray while standing at the Statue – stuff happens. ‘Stuff’ may not be the best way to say it. Apologies, to my Christian friends. ‘Stuff’ is or could be Miracles… depending on the faith, the circumstances, or the way that God wants to connect to his people – or the person.

Miracles can be for the larger body, the whole church, or they can be for the individual.

Last Sunday I was the guest minister at St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church in Peterborough.  Following the Common Lectionary scriptures for day I spoke from John 5 – where Jesus makes wine from the water in the foot washing jugs – all 180+ gallons of it.  I also had read from 1 Corinthians 12 where Paul speaks about the Gifts of the Spirit… knowledge and wisdom plus miracles caught my attention for the sermon.

Now remember this is a Presbyterian Church – rather reserved and sometimes quiet. I am neither.  And I was very excited about what God could do – trying my best to motivate people to see what I saw and what I know to be the truth.

That is the stage set for what happened to me personally yesterday… when I was with the Statue of Mary.

Mary was painted over completely with heavy white paint. That took place somewhere about 45 years ago. Any photos that they have of the Statue back in her glory days – are Black and White and not at all good images.

How do I possibly know what is below the paint? Can I even remotely make this Statue look anywhere near as good as it must have been?  Where do I start?

There was much cracked and chipped paint on the Statue before they painted it white.  The person that painted the white never removed the cracked and chipped paint but rather just slathered the white stuff over top.

So I began by breaking loose the white paint and the old paint down below… right down the plaster base.  The Statue is a mess. New paint will only cover it all for a while – so it needs to go done to base in many places.

As I chipped and scraped the surface around one area the Blue paint of Mary’s tunic started showing through.  Then with one small scrape a tiny piece of Gold showed through. I worked slowly on that spot and there was way more gold showing through… but not just covering whole areas the way that the artist had done with Jesus!!!

Wow! What a moment it was when I started seeing the remarkable design that had been created by an artist over 100 years ago. Such love and care had gone into every stroke.  The fine detail was over whelming to say the least.

The entire Blue Tunic that Mary is wearing is covered with this beautiful design.  But it is not just gold it also maroons and dark reds mixed with deep blue… with fine lines of white… all in a very small area of perhaps ¾ inch.

As I stared at the art work that was appearing it literally took my breath away.

If I had painted over the spot to achieve a somewhat ‘restored’ look… new colours and new brightness no one would have ever been able to see what I saw yesterday.  And if I had not accidentally pushed on that one tiny spot I would never have seen the bit of gold… and if I had not slowly scraped the outer layer of heavy white away I would never have seen the design.

Whoa! What a moment.  I slid down to the floor and looked at the work before me. I cannot possibly clean off the whole area. In fact the actual work and design is in not very good shape at all.  The best I can do is attempt to duplicate the art work as I repaint the tunic.

But there was more… and moment by moment I then saw more secrets that Mary had hidden from view.

I thought a lot about what has happened to me.  I experienced a Personal Miracle. I really did! How and Why I am not sure yet! But something happened to me as I came very close to this Statue… and I saw the things that only the artist of 100+ years knew about.

I am heading over to work with Mary again this morning. I know what I have to look for next. That came early this morning when my eyes popped open.

I am super charged today and can’t wait to get started.  Hmmm?  Will there be other Miracles for other people that come near Mary in the months to come???

~ Murray Lincoln ~
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