Saturday, January 12, 2013

Completing my 4th time through High School – and my Acing Kinesiology

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Completing my 4th time through High School – and my Acing Kinesiology
Today I am going for my final mark in Kinesiology – the Grade 12 level course.  It will be my second Grade 12 course that I will Ace in this past 12 months.

It is my fourth time to finish high school in June 2013.  I complete the first stint of high school in 1962.  Then I did it again in 1988 and 1990 – the years that my two daughters completed their studies at that level.  Now it is my first grandson that will be done his grade 12 in June.

Kinesiology you say?

Yep!  Today my grandson is coming to work with me on his “human joint’.  “Grandpa if we can make it and get it to work as well I will get the highest mark in the class.  Can you help me on Saturday?” Clifford asked.

Well there is just nothing more important to me than my grandkids.  One request from them will shut down my entire world and stop action to all that I am doing that day or time in my life.  Helping Clifford Ace his Kinesiology Class by making a ‘human joint’ is a today’s task.

We are making the knee joint that will be fastened together with ligaments and muscles.  The joint will be made of 2X4 boards held together with Bungee Cords.  The actual inside part will be two halves of a Golf Ball.  These will rest on the surface of the foam cartilage to make a smooth moving knee joint with little or no pain.

We will need a running shoe from Clifford to put on the wooden foot and give it some realism.

The muscle pulling the leg straight and back again will be strong cords that will be rigged to pull the leg by an old inner tube from a bicycle tire.

Okay. Okay.  Do I sound excited or what or what!!!?  You betcha I am.  And to work alongside of a top athlete as we create his leg joint from wood is just too much fun!!!

This is going to be a good day!

Project was finished today so here is the results for the whole world to see... amazing really - Clifford did a
GREAT JOB with this one!  Here are the photos...

Yes - these are golf balls on the lower part of the femur... and the cartilage is made from a old bicycle inner tube... tendons are Bungee Cords as planned.

~ Murray Lincoln ~
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