Thursday, January 10, 2013

The January Winter Blues and Confusing News

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The January Winter Blues and Confusing News
Can it get any more confusing and troubling than it is today – in the news?

A pod of Killer Whales are trapped in the Hudson Bay – the ice is freezing over and the hole that they are using to get their air is getting smaller each hour. There are 12 whales in this small pod. There is no ice breaker to come and rescue them.  Read about it here.

The teachers of Ontario are going to tell the Government of Ontario that their idea to make it illegal for the teachers to strike – is all wrong!  The Government and the outgoing Premiere McGuinty is adamant that the teachers are now in an illegal strike attitude and if they strike he can have them fined up to $2000 each.  Mind you he made the rules and imposed the Bill 115 on them, cancelled Provincial Parliament, and then quit his job.  Those that will follow him and try to get the job that he had – have to repeal this Bill in order to get elected.  Mind you theses dear folks are trying to get the leadership role of the Liberal Party – which has made so many people angry that re-election looks slim.

What a way to go out into oblivion – make everyone mad… create a crisis that only you can fix and then because of pride you refuse to do anything about it.  Way to go P. McGuinty!

The Toronto Maple Leaf Owners fired the leadership man, Brian Burke.  It seems that they just hated the way that he dressed or acted or something.  Mind it wasn’t the Maple Leafs that didn’t like him – it was the top man(probably) that didn’t like the way that BB did things. Not much to do with Hockey. Read about it here.

An Aboriginal Chief is on an extended Fast because she wants to meet with our Prime Minister and the Governor General in person – or else.  The more I read of this escapade the less respect that I have for her.  What could be a great thing for the Aboriginal people of Canada and a step forward – is turning into a side show about a woman that has apparently not managed the money that her people get – very well.  (One report statement said that she pays her boyfriend $850 a day.) Yet her people on her reserve live in poverty.

Read about it here.  When I see the photos of her now – she looks pretty healthy for someone that has not eaten for a long time. Hmmm?

But good luck to her anyway. Most of our Canadian people would love to be able to get anywhere near the Prime Minister or the Governor General of Canada… let alone demand that they both come begging and bowing to me personally – or I will simply starve/FAST myself to death.

Neither of these people listen to anything that I say – let alone bow to my command.

You gotta give Chief Spence a medal for trying this tactic – even at the risk of death from a diabetic problem or some other awful plight.

Have you ever wondered what Stephen Harper’s kids talk to their dad about at the dinner table? Hmm?  I wonder if they read all about the stuff that is going on around their dad?

After reading this every increasing list of January Blue Winter News – I am going back to bed.  See you tomorrow.

~ Murray Lincoln ~
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