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One of My Rants about the Year of 2012

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One of My Rants about the Year of 2012
As I look back on the year that just passed I see many new things and yet some things that have never changed.  It has been a very fast year with each month moving by much quicker than I would like.

Have you noticed that Leading Politicians don’t listen to anyone?  They assure you when they are trying to get elected that they will be much better than the last politician that held their spot – yet they are less likely to listen at all.

Have you noticed that power goes to their heads?  That is more than true in the case of a number of Mayors in the cities that they serve. Rob Ford is a good example for power hungry, untouchable, deity minded people.  Once he had the job he became infallible in almost every area of his life, Mayor, Coach and Defender against horrible newspaper people that write what they think are true stories.

Mayor Rob Ford is not the only Mayor that is like this. We each have our own ‘Top City Dog’ that bully their way around the kennel – and the rest of the dogs better know it or else.  Because they are so powerful they WILL GET THEIR WAY – no matter what happens.  They kind of forgot that there will be an election someday.

In 2012 – have you noticed that guns kill people? Have you understood that guns are used more and more to kill people?  It is much quicker and easier to do away with people that anger you. And after the idiot commits the horrific crime the good citizens fight over keeping their guns to protect themselves but they think that the guy that used the gun to kill whoever was deranged – they aren’t but he is.

Have you noticed the idiot world powers that MUST HAVE POWER at whatever the costs… and they consider themselves civilized?

Have you noticed that certain World Religions have nothing to do with God, respect of others or love?  Have you noticed that rape is included in some World Religions as a good thing to do to control the population – as long as it is done in a spiritual way??? – in the name of their God!

Have you noticed that rich people fight like crazy to get richer?  They try their best to make sure that the others that are not rich at all will suffer?  Not that I am riding my hobby horse about ‘hockey’ but it happens even among the millionaire crowd . One has but another has more and demands way more than any person would ever need…

Have you noticed that 2012 could be called the Year of Greed?

Did you catch the fun of politics in Ontario?  A Premier and his cohorts that demand, refuse, and confuse whoever they wish to… and when the anger has spilled into our schools in Ontario and they have made the teachers fighting mad… they now back off and say that they are going to repeal the Bill 115 that has caused such upset…

But did you notice that there is no Ontario legislative sitting because the Premiere is quitting politics and decided that everyone else should not do anything because he doesn’t want to…?

Maybe I am just a little on the outside and DO NOT UNDERSTAND – how does an elected group of politicians that brought in Bill 115 – repeal it – with no one meeting to talk about this?  Like there are no elected officials coming together to represent the people’s will that elected them.

Have you noticed in Ontario that the Conservative and NDP politicians are smiling broadly because the Liberals are likely not going to be re-elected?

But it isn’t just the Provincial and Local Mayoral politicians that have acted out in dominant ways in Canada.  Our Federal Political Leadership has shaken everyone and everything – and listens to no one.  I can say that confidently in the number of areas that I interact with these folk.

Yep 2012 was an amazing political year that stunk to high heaven

It makes you almost want to get into Politics and try to get elected – oh boy!

But there are still a few in all of the stuff that we watch and hear about that really care. There are elected leaders that are real and do listen.

That is why I pray for Political Leaders – God will take care of it all. 

~ Murray Lincoln ~
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