Monday, January 7, 2013

3-Night Bahamas Getaway for $159

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3-Night Bahamas Getaway for $159
Yesterday as I propelled my snow blower over my driveway and also my neighbour’s driveway it made sense to climb on an airplane and leave here – for some place warm.

This morning in my email came an offer for a 3-Night Bahamas Getaway for $159.  It promised me that it was a discount of 73% - a total value $559 per person – for only $159!!! Wow!

Now we would have to fly out of here one day and return the fourth day I assume.  If I could get a real early flight allowing me to have almost a full day in sunshine before the sleep that first night… then on the fourth day a later flight home so I could burn a little more before coming home – that would be a deal for sure.

Not sure at this point if I could get other days and nights at the resort – say another 4 or 5 for the same price?

But is January 2013, a new year, new possibilities to fly away from snow blowing and cold weather.

Another BUT – yesterday after blowing away the snow it warmed up to about 5 C or so and most of what I blew away melted.  My driveway is super clean and all of the black surface is showing.

My point is – no sooner would I book, pay for and leave for my short vacation in the sun… than the sun would come out here… and it is a savings of 100% to enjoy the sun at home – compared to the Bahamas… except for the Beach, the nice Hotel and the buckets of food on the very long buffet… where my wife doesn’t have to cook or lift a finger…

Oh boy – this is the Mid-Winter Blues coming on… and a trip somewhere would be so much fun…

I have realized that the dreaming is fun too.  Maybe when my ship comes in I will do something ridiculous and fun – in a heart beat.

Dreaming… lots of dreaming today.

~ Murray Lincoln ~
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