Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Doing what you always really wanted to do – are you?

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Doing what you always really wanted to do – are you?
Working yesterday on the Statue of Mary I was looking more closely at the amazing art work.  And I mean very closely as I saw each brush stroke up close.

The bristles were very small of that brush the original artist used.

I started thinking of the person that did this work. Who were they?  How had they trained to do this work?  What were they thinking when they placed each tiny stroke on the statue?

So many questions for sure….

Have you ever wondered what it was like back then – wherever back then took place?

I know that the Statue likely came from the Montreal area – as one of the statues has a name and the word Montreal on its base.

In 1900 they were working for far less than we do today.  As this statue was being made a World War was looming.  Quebec was basically rural and the country people were brought in with their talents and abilities to work for city factories.

The artist that was doing this very fine work that may never been looked at or appreciated did so with likely very low pay.  Worse yet he or she likely always wanted to be a great artist painting wonderful works of art… but would never get the chance.  Instead the person did their very best with the small and intricate strokes on Mary’s garment.

My guess is that the Statue was created by a family business as well… which opens all kinds of thoughts about what happened in the family and how the church was involved.

Wow! I appreciate the artist that did this. But it is not possible to tell them.  One Hundred or more years have gone by… and I have no idea who or where or how or ….

Perhaps just publishing this Blog and pointing to that person of so long ago will make a difference in some way.

I do know that all around our community there are people with the same kind of hidden artistic abilities. But because of the circumstances they found themselves in they never developed what they could have been or possible would have done.

I am kind of like that too. I wanted so much to be an artist… but other things came along that had to be.  And then life swallowed my being or possibility.

However – life is not over yet. I truly believe that God has given me that one last chance to see what an artist lived like – or lives like.  And that part of my journey is simply amazing.

My one big question today is… “Why should I be having so much fun?” 

Gotta run… today is the Mall Day… Peterborough Square 9:30 am to 4:30 pm – then 5:00 pm until 6:00 pm for a Video Conference with folk in Sudbury (that is another story that is even more exciting – later)

~ Murray Lincoln ~
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