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A New “Mom Premiere” arriving today for Ontario – our First Mom

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A New “Mom Premiere” arriving today for Ontario – our First Mom
Ontario is about to get its first Lady Premiere.  The Provincial Liberal party has stepped up its leadership race and a convention is being held in the next few hours.  Wow!  What a change that will be from the Old Boys Club that for more than a century has had male leadership!!

Can you believe it!!?

I am involved with politics and many of the MPPs in our province. The involvement is like many others – I am very interested in what happens and especially with the outcome of this leadership race today.

But Ontario today is in trouble. Everyone knows that.  There are issues with Unions and the people that work under Unions.  There is trouble with the Budget.  We have spent way too much money and are now in trouble.  It is not an enviable place to be in right now – the leadership of a Province is in trouble.

But look at it this way. The Ontario House-hold is in trouble. Our Provincial Government, and the whole Province for that matter, is a lot like a household that you and I live in.  There is a family living in the house and from that house all the family business is conducted.

The household is where everyone lives and makes it possible for the kids to go to school, dad and mom to build a security and future for their family, and a place where everyone will be able to live safely.

But like any household there are many issues that the family faces.  The house alone will need repairs and updating. The family must be dressed and kept safe.  Dad and Mom need their own time and their own space.  It must be a balanced place to live in with everyone cooperating and working together.

But at times sickness comes. Other times the growing teen in the household makes the tension so great that few can deal with it all. Hormones rage and attitudes cause dissention and upset. Doors are slammed shut and threats are uttered. Some kids will leave home and others just stay and make everyone miserable.  If they can’t have their way – no one will!!!

Can you see the similarities between a family household and a Provincial Government yet?  Demands and attitudes coming against the ‘parents’ that are tired of it all, and they simply start wishing they could ship a teenager away until they grow up.  Buy yet they know that isn’t possible and they try their best to look after what is happening.

It is at times when the family household is in terrible upset that the “one” God created specially to clean up messes and take care of families – shows up. That person’s name is “Mom”. “Mom” understands her kids best. She knows what they all need and has been there since the beginning for each of them.

What better time for a Province to find someone that could understand, could take care of, work with, and provide leadership for the Household – than now!???

Yep, I think that Ontario is ready for a Lady Premiere for no other reason than the fact that she just may be able to provide the understanding, care, be able to work with, and provide family leadership!!! Just like in real households where Mom can bring balance – so it is in Provincial Politics.  A “Mom” Premiere will do well to nurture us back to health again.

“Dad” Premieres need to go to work and leave the “Household” to “Mom”!

“Moms” always do better working with the kids. They seem to understand the teenagers and young adults best.  And in our Ontario Province’s case we have a Teacher’s Union and thousands upon thousands of teachers that were done wrong by(at least they feel that) by “Dad” Premiere.  “Dad” said NO to their demands for all the frivolous things they were demanding for their Christmas gifts.  “Mom” may have to say NO as well… but perhaps she can do it with more Grace and Love and Concern than Dad expressed it with.

A “Mom” Premiere will also likely look after Grandpa and Grandma senior citizens better. They do that in real life and now they can do that in Government as well.

The more I think of it, the more that I like the idea. BUT (and it is a BIG BUT) the other political parties may not like the way Mom does it.  And then they will get angry and make Mom miserable until she breaks down and moves off the leadership throne… and lets another Dad take over.  But that is another story as well…. On boy!

~ Murray Lincoln ~
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