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Looking at a Bigger World and Universe – Wow!

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Looking at a Bigger World and Universe – Wow!
I have the perfect News Bite for you today.  It is all about the Mars Rover which is now moving about on the planet Mars.

You need to take a look at this Link – one of the best that I have seen so far.  Rover panorama: Begin exploring Mars  When the page comes into your view you can look up or down – and in 360 degrees in all directions around the Rover.  You can also zoom in and out to see the Gale Crater better.  What a fantasy trip away from Mother Earth – small and blue and closer to our Sun.

The wonder of this creation around us simply stuns my senses.  With the help of Science and the amazing Space program I can see creation in a totally different way.

Please take a look at this Link as well Mars Rover:Explore the Red Planet with Nasa’s robot. One click on the planet Mars – the round ball will make the planet spin and the camera pan in to the Gale Crater and give you further information about the planet and Crater.

The Gale Crater is 96 miles across. The Rover is situated at the edge of the Crater and can look at the ‘mountain’ in the middle. That is Mount Sharp which is 5,500 metres/18,000 feet high… and apparently was formed when a meteor hit Mars’ surface long ago. (BTW Canada’s highest mountains are in the Yukon at just over 19,000 feet high.)

The brilliant minds that chose the Gale Crater to investigate did so because one side of the Crater appears to have some form of landscaping done by water flow.  The Web Site states the following… quote…

Evidence of water

The north wall of Gale Crater is criss-crossed by a network of valleys believed to have been carved by water entering the 150km-wide depression from outside.
This is the first view of a so-called fluvial system taken from the surface of Mars. Such networks date from a period of Martian history when liquid water flowed freely on the surface. Scientists have remarked that Curiosity's surroundings bear a striking resemblance to the landscape of America's south-west. End quote.

Now as I put this small bit of information together for myself… I zoom back to my boyhood days.

I lived in Regina, Saskatchewan, the capital city of the Province. We were located in the southern part of the Province in the western part of Canada.

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan is 160 miles north of Regina. When I was a boy it seemed like a long ways to drive there.  But it was not nearly as long as the car ride to Oak Lake, Manitoba where my aunt and uncle had a farm. That was 240 Miles east of Regina, near Brandon.

The Gale Crater would fit between Regina and Saskatoon with a 30 mile space on each side.  And it would cover almost half way to Oak Lake.

That helps my ‘little boy mind’ to grasp what it is all about.  But when my ‘little boy mind’ tried to imagine anything outside of our home in Regina and the fields nearby – it simply shut down. The thought couldn’t make it past the field that was to the East and North of where we lived.

Now at 68 years old with a ‘big boys mind’ and the help of the Internet I have now ‘stood’ on Mars.

The Gale Crater is only one small smudge on the surface of that giant planet so far away.  There are way more and bigger Craters and huge mountains on Mars’ surface. 

The ability to go to Mars, send photos back from Mars and for me to instantly see whatever I would like to see today – in a mere seconds… all happened during my short lifespan.  To think it all took place in less than 60 short years… and in fact only in the last 40 years… blows my mind!

Today as I surfed the surface of Mars I also tried out Saturn. Wow!  What a beauty.

Now I am able to face another day.  The humdrum of living the same old – same old is pushed aside as I dream about what I read and saw today.

Away back in 1950 I was 6 years old… and just beginning to walk around outside by myself… to discover the big world out there. Wow – what a difference a lifetime makes!  But the same old back then was also pushed aside by my imagination that took me to places no one else had ever gone either.

Ooops – gotta go… another trip is about to begin – right now and I can’t miss this one!
~ Murray Lincoln ~
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Photos of Mars
By the way... Mars appears a lot like Saskatchewan - when I was a boy - areas south of Regina!!!

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