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The Three Bears, Goldilocks and Me

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The Three Bears, Goldilocks and Me
Buying a New Bed – who would have thought that it was so difficult!?

Well that has been our last few week’s task.  We finally made the decision to bite the bullet and invest in a new sleep system.  It is not just a bed but rather a whole system to help you get some sleep.

Wow what a ride it has been.

The first store we entered was full of just beds.  And as the overly friendly sales lady pounced on us at the door, I couldn’t fend her off because I was watching all the couples in the store lying on the beds – trying them out.  That was the first weird feeling… walking in on a half dozen couples all appearing to be sound asleep!  No kidding… eyes closed and snuggled up to each other acting out their nights together.  None of the guys were snoring so I knew that they were acting.

The overly friendly lady wanted to know what we were looking for in a bed.  “What do you know about beds?” she asked. Not appearing to look real stupid I said, “I lay on them and then go to sleep…?”

No, that wasn’t what she was looking for – a comedian.  She wanted to know how I liked my bed, hard, medium, soft or super soft?

Sheesh, how do you tell her that you want the bed to be something like your own bed now – only new and better?  It would mean that she would have to come over to our place and try our old bed out to get a better idea.

It was then that I learned some of the “science” behind the new beds and the fact that they will only last for 10 years! The fact that the full warrantee is on it for that long and then the next 10 years is prorated and the amount they pay you for a failed mattress goes down according to the years left in the next 10.

When I asked how many springs were in the bed her response was simply, “None! These new mattresses are all made of foam… some foam is jell injected… some is like memory foam but not exactly… some can breathe and others can be made to hold you firmly.”

Okay. Our old bed had no springs and foam. It was saggy and not feeling real good to lay on. It was kind of like a hammock that trapped you in your spot and rolling over was now the exercise you would get while sleeping.  Foam had not impressed me up to now. Something like Water Beds a few years ago – fun when they came along but actually useless.

“None of our beds have springs any longer!” she stated with air of ‘bedarrogance’ – “you cannot guarantee what kind of quality of steel they put into the beds any longer. The countries overseas use low grade steel that is made from old cars. It doesn’t hold its tensile strength.  Foam is much better.”

“But I don’t like foam!” I whispered to myself, under my breath… and she went on to tell me why her beds were better.

Her beds started at $2000+ and went up to $5000. I nearly lost it when I checked out the price at the end of the bed!!!

I am not buying another vehicle I simply want to lay on it and sleep.  I don’t need signal lights, high beams or an automatic transmission with 4 speeds. I just want to sleep.  I can’t sleep on something that costs so much!!

When she went over to sell another couple that was just getting up off the bed they were trying… I slipped out of the store.  I had had enough… I want springs or something more than foam… and I am NOT PAYING $5000 for a cotton picking bed!!!

Two other stores were more complaint and more helpful. They had the foam filled beds and the ones with some foam and some springs – I think there were up to 1000 springs in one of the beds!  Now that was a bed… and not nearly at the $5000 mark.

We found a bed with springs, a soft cover and a good price – as well as having a big brand name. And it came at the price of just under $900.

My wife had told me that our friends had bought a bed in this store and were happy with it.  So that is why we went there. A friend’s recommendation goes a long way. If they were happy we might be happy as well.

We were delighted with the sale.  They delivered it, set it up and took the old mattress and box spring away for the same price.

Oh Oh – there is a problem now!

The new bed is great the old pillow is the pits!  The first two nights I missed the old saggy bed. I rolled and tossed and turned on the new bed trying to find my favorite saggy hole of the old bed.  The new one was clean, straight or flat and sturdy with softness… and the old pillow was now away too flat and felt like an old rag.

But that problem is now being solved.

Today I didn’t want to get out of bed.  The bed was perfect and the pillow is just right… or almost right.

I opened my eyes and thought of Goldilocks and the Three Bears that she visited one day. She had eaten one bowl of porridge… sat in all three chairs and broke one… and then snuggled up in the third bed she tried.  When the Three Bears found her in bed fast asleep, they were more than a little surprised.

I grinned at the story that I had heard so long ago.  Goldilocks and her Three Bear friends were first heard about around 1813 and first published in 1837 See the story here

Imagine 200 years ago someone was struggling with getting a new bed as well.  Back then there was no Foam. Nor Springs like we know them today…  I grinned again.

There is nothing like a great bed to sleep on.  And I think we have found it – should last for 10 years. Hmmm? I will be 78 then and maybe need a Foam bed… sheesh.

~ Murray Lincoln ~
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