Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Having a BDE – a slow coffee – now rush – no fuss

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Having a BDE – a slow coffee – now rush – no fuss
This morning as I read of Ontario’s New Premiere elect Kathleen Wynne and her meeting with the head of the Ontario Teacher’s Union – I smiled.  Not because the meeting went well and the fact that there will be more meetings together coming up… but because another person is smiling too.  That person is actually loving what is happening.

That person is our former Premiere Dalton McGuinty.  This morning I thought about Dalton a lot.

Wherever he is he is thinking about the job of the last 9 years… and today he is free. He doesn’t have to rush off to Downtown Toronto. He has no handler waiting carefully outside his house or chirping away on the telephone as to their next meeting.  Today he is really free.  The contingent of OPP Officers are now down to almost none protecting him.

I imagine he has slipped out of bed earlier and he has taken the dog for a slow walk.  He has made coffee for his wife and maybe together they are planning a get-a-way for a few weeks. They are talking about different things that their kids are doing and enjoying their new time together away from the blistering front of political stuff.

I imagine there is a wee bit of wondering what it would be like to go back again… but in a whisp the small idea has been puffed away.

He has to answer some inquiries from Legal firms wondering if he will stop to entertain their offer to come alongside as one of their own.  Or there may be fancy “Bay Street” (Toronto’s big dollar people) firms flirting with him as a potential employee or contract person.

But today, if he isn’t already there, he will be planning to go see his family in the Ottawa area. His mom loves it when he comes to visit.  The other siblings in his family would love to give him a few jibes for messing with their own family plans with his former political actions and plans as the former Premiere.  Good family joking takes place in a family that is so close.

I smiled this morning when I thought of another man that has left behind what was so big.

As I thought of Dalton I thought of four years ago and my own departure that was so imminent.  I was the minister of a good church… but one that had financial problems.  And my departure was looming as well. Each month we struggled to keep the place on an even keel. Opposition was there for sure. All people in the church didn’t like what was taking place… but we continued the best we could with what we had.

Poof! Enough of that kind of thinking!!

Dalton today, wherever he is, has released ‘my own old thoughts’ and I cannot possibly let that baloney into my life again.  The old opposition and obstacle for me are almost all dead – or too feeble to fight anymore… poof they are gone!  I smiled.

But today is a new day. I am so excited about today’s possibility and new direction.  I am excited about the people I will meet today at the Mall.  There will be lots of them. Today I will give away ideas that will help them.  Today I will meet my next step in Misty Hollow Carving as people stop to talk.

I wonder what Dalton will feel like this morning as he gets ready for his first trip to McDonald’s or Tim Horton’s.

Dalton will not likely read this… but I wish him a “best day ever” – a BDE... because every day away from the fray and wild stuff is a BDE.

Have a good one today Dalton!

And Premiere elect Kathleen… good on you for taking up this absolutely huge task to lead.  May you have a BDE as well!

~ Murray Lincoln ~
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