Sunday, January 27, 2013

I’m not in the happiest place that I’ve ever been ~ The Bieb..

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I’m not in the happiest place that I’ve ever been ~ The Bieb..

Last evening, after watching the last two hours of the Liberal Party of Ontario’s convention, seeing the ‘First Mom Premiere’ Kathleen Wynne take over the party leadership, seeing the two women beat all the men out for the top spot… I am exhausted.

This morning I needed a break from all that stuff. Whew!

Then I found a new something to mull over. This something is or someone is Justin Bieber. 

I shouldn’t say ‘something’ in that he is a person – not an object.  Yet most of his life he was treated like an object by his parents, by his handlers, by his managers, by all his “friends” around him. He was a talented ‘something’ and people have made a gazillion dollars off the dude!

Justin I seriously feel for you.  I am like… well… your Grandpa… but I remember what it was like to fall in and out of love… or still be in love for a long time with someone that doesn’t love you… or treated you like an object… or said you treated them like an object… I remember. Sheesh!

Whoa!  What a rush!! I read the latest about Justin – he is heartbroken over his split up with Selena Gomez.  Apparently they were in Mexico together for the end of the year…and kerpow!

The article I read stated the following…
“The couple broke up shortly after holidaying in Mexico where they had planned to ring in the New Year together but got into a huge argument on December 30 after she allegedly found text messages from other girls on his phone.” (reference below)

Tada!  Quick lesson there for both of them… Selena dear, stuff happens when you are loving around with a super star boy wonder… they do flirt.

Justin dear, stuff happens when you lay your telephone down and accidently she picks it up to just to see who has sent text messages!  Double Duh on both of you.

He is 18 and she is 20. 

She was actually 18 when she was 12. He was still 12 at times when he turned 16 – and then when he turned 18 he might have been 14. Now that she is 20 she is going on 30 and sees the future for what it is… she can either have a child by someone that is loving and committed to her only… or she can try to take over raising a child that never grew up yet.

Sorry Justin… but if you are reading this over my shoulder… but you are like all of us guys when we were 18. 

We were all tantalized by all that she seems to be… older, beautiful, mature, sexy even… but we want our ‘water guns’, our ‘hot wheels’ and our nights of watching ‘Sponge Bob Square pants’.  She expects you to be the tall, handsome, well dressed, and an adult male that she can brag about to her friends. She needs an object that she can mold into her life. Oops!

It’s just not fair for her to expect him to be an adult all the time!  Good Lord… most of the men that I know at 68 years old are still kids at heart. The total miracle is that their faithful spouse that has lived with them for 40+ years is still waiting for the guy to grow up.  His own kids think he is too immature for words… but his grandkids love him! They all may be embarrassed sometimes but still love him.

So there… I feel refreshed.  Politics are over for another few months.  Justin and Selena have helped me to feel the old ground swell of being a teenager, little boy, tension surrounded, relationship building or destroying – young life over again.

Now to totally put it all in perspective… here is the comment string that was below one article I read about them…


Jan. 26, 2013
10:44 PM 
I agree with SamC Its time to stop being a boy and suck it up and be a man. Thank Selena For the last 2 years and move on. It is only going to hurt for little while and things will be good again.

Jan. 26, 2013
10:39 PM 
Justin you are a teenager, just 18 years old. regardless of all your success. Maturity is part of the growing up factor. To be in a committed relationship at the age of 18 for a teenage boy is doomed. Never mind the fact that you have girls throwing themselves at you. You have a great talent, but to remain successful you must be very careful not to be taken in . Be smart, enjoy your life with true friends who have your best interests at heart. Life flies by before you know it , you'll be 30.

Jan. 26, 2013
10:33 PM 
Having lots of messages from friends or breaking up is part of growing up. What does Selena want, what kind of respect she wants from an 18 year old, famous or not? They are both too young to be tide down. At 18, I would say go out, enjoy the world, friends, and family without any obligation to one person. It's time for Justin to be alone, think and grow on your one.

T. Quick
Jan. 26, 2013
10:13 PM 
Taylor Swift says you should write a song about it and make even more money.

Bruce - Calgary
Jan. 26, 2013
9:55 PM 
Go to Disneyland!

Jan. 26, 2013
9:06 PM 
"Super needy" and "super jealous"? Was the comment source a 12 year old girl?

Jan. 26, 2013
9:03 PM 
Justin should do a hitch in the Army like Elvis did back in the 50's; stardom will be there for true talent.

Sam C
Jan. 26, 2013
8:34 PM 
Money doesn't buy happiness, Justin. And girls want more than just a guy who likes playing with toys -- whether those are Nerf® guns or $100,000 sports cars. It's time to not just act like a grown-up; it's time to actually grow up.

Jan. 26, 2013
7:17 PM 
Poor Justin! My heart breaks for you!


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