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Ride a Subway without your Britches on – Wahoo, Be a Senior for a Day

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Ride a Subway without your Britches on – Wahoo, Be a Senior for a Day
Over the years I have visited many Senior Citizen Homes. 

I now live with a very old Senior Citizen that does funny things. She does what many Seniors do in the Homes… only this one is considered her home – so she can do what she wants… I guess.

However it is a little embarrassing to come upon your mom on her way back to her room… sans her britches.  The first time it happened I didn’t quite know where to look.  There she was walking with her pants over her walker, socks on, underwear boldly showing and shuffling back to her room.

I think that at 91 years old(92 at the end of this month) that it just takes too much effort to put the paints back on.  There – I justified it and confessed as a son that seeing your mom in her undies is not cool.  Yikes.

In visits to the different Senior’s Homes over the years the Men were particularly bad at exposing themselves.  Sometimes it happened with just their pants off, other times it was with both their britches and underwear off… discarded somewhere down the hallway because they were uncomfortable – or whatever.

There is nothing sexy about a person walking around with their undershorts or panties showing.  In fact it is too strange for words.  I immediately think of the person as I would the other seniors that I have met dressed/undressed as having lost some of their faculties.  Too old, too tired, too simple any longer to pull their pants up.  Or the new situation of my mom, not enough strength to pull her britches up!

It is with this vast knowledge of britches-less  state of affairs that I just shake my head at the article that I read this morning!!!.

In Vancouver a group of people boarded the Skytrain – part of their transportation system, without their britches on.  I assume from what I read that they had their pants on until they got to the station platform where – on mass, they disrobed and walked on to the train.

It gives the word ‘Flash Mob’ a more complete meaning.

The article stated that the group consisted of people from 7 to 77 years old.

Now are you digesting this mental picture well?  Are you savoring the insanity with me.

Note it was Vancouver, not Winnipeg or Regina where the temperature will dip way below normal. The worst thing that Vancouver gets is wee bit too much rain.

But it was also New York as well… where it all began 10 years ago.

Basically it is seems to be all youth involved. None of the photos I saw had any Seniors showing their stuff!

But the Seniors did it first and have been doing it for years.

And Seniors do it with all sorts of creativity.

One man I went to visit did it with real flare.  He walked to help his bowels be able to function properly.  And when he walked without his pants on, wearing just his boxers… he was unimpeded with his pooping.

As I came off the elevator that one special day he was walking ahead of me back to his room.  Every few steps he would hesitate and little then a turd would tumble out of his shorts and roll to the side of the hallway.  From the elevator to his room he had dropped about six small and very stinky tidbits for the staff to pick up later. At least his room didn't smell too bad.

A Flash Mob of people with no britches on is really funny.  Not sexy… just funny… teens and twenty ‘somethings’ acting like old men and women.

Too darn funny!

Red about it here…Skytrain Flash Mob (Vancouver) No Pants Ride – New York

~ Murray Lincoln ~
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