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Word and Idea Fodder for a Blog

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Word and Idea Fodder for a Blog

It is early in the morning and the News Papers are full of things to make you think. Each article is enough to get a ‘Blog Idea’ spinning for a good three or four days.  There is no end of ideas that one could write about.

Take the story about Sophie Laboissonniere, the 21 year old that kind of blew it one night in June 2011. It was downtown Vancouver and she had joined friends to take part in a riot after the Stanley Cup Finals in Hockey.  She is from Richmond, B.C. and was kind of partying in downtown Vancouver when it all happened.

I highly doubt that she was there with intent to do something wrong. I also think that her Dad and Mom nearly died when they found that she was arrested and charged with ‘rioting’ and ‘break & enter’.


Well Miss Sophie was “Miss Congeniality” in a beauty contest. Oh Boy!  Does your mind go crazy with a smirk on your face after hearing that one?  Mine does.

Or then there is the story about the NHL and the NHL players together with their Team Organizations in the every community. An expert in marketing, a Mr. Wong from Queen’s University in Ontario, says that the Hockey people are going to possibly have problems getting their fans back again – to the games or to Hockey in general. He thinks fans are very upset and will not rebound the way that the NHL has hoped. He kind of thinks that fans will not come back with great enthusiasm… and that maybe the NHL will have to do way more to get them back in support.

Not sure exactly what Mr. Wong might suggest to the League… but I think he has something going for him.  People see what he says as making sense and have hired him in the past to help Teams like the Blue Jays.

Why is this a story, for someone like me who hates hockey and seldom ever watches a game?  Well I guess it is a definite, “I told you so!” rising in me.  I quit all rich sports when they started demanding way more money for doing their jobs – knowing that it was the public that would pay. Knowing that it was the ordinary person’s money that they were dickering over – but not knowing if they would ever get the ordinary persons money ever again!

I could write about the Aboriginal state of affairs and its conflict with the Government of Canada.  However the politically charged scene is rift with unknown stories.  They, the Aboriginals, already get a while lot of money and it doesn’t seem to help.

BUT so does our Canadian Government – get a whole lot of money from all of us – and that doesn’t seem to help either. They spend like crazy and get into more and more debt… my debt.  Then they penalize the people that they get money from – to make them pay down more of the debt that is ‘theirs’… and that was created buy their own over spending and bad decisions.

But wait a minute some of the Aboriginals and the Government are the same – one learned from the other.  They get lots and spend way too much – then sit down and do nothing.  Who learned that from whom?  I think my Aboriginal brothers and sisters learned well – too well.

But the stories are not with the Aboriginals that are protesting. It is with the Aboriginals that have done very well and no one reports on what is happening with them… or how they did such a good job without Government Money.

What if the Aboriginal People changed places with the Canadian Government for say – maybe six months?  Could they fix it all?  They seem to have an answer or want a solution… what would happen?  Maybe the elected Canadian Leaders would think differently if they lived in the run down houses… and they would start asking questions where the Millions of Dollars of Government Money has gone – and to who?

There is a story here – but it is not being told.

I could go on and on. Today has been a good day to gather fodder for stories.

If you are now thinking about these stories – good for you!! 

Now try on the Ontario School Teachers and the Ontario Government story.  Ms. Broten, an elected leader,  is someone you could talk about for a long time… let alone the Liberal Government`s attitude – and our debt load that we are going to pay for – over and over again.

Hey – if you are depressed today… do what they all do… go out and buy something you cannot afford… then sit down and do nothing! Wahoo! Three cheers for stupidity!!!

~ Murray Lincoln ~
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