Sunday, January 13, 2013

Today I am enjoying our Global Warming

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Today I am enjoying our Global Warming
When I looked out the window today it is raining and the snow is almost all gone!  It is January 13, 2013 – winter time in Canada, this part at least.  It should be real cold and blustery outside with the yard covered in white stuff.

But it is almost like spring.

All that I read and hear should make me feel guilty.  I, and all my fellow Earthlings, have caused Global Warming… and now look at what is happening.  The dang winter is not cold enough. Sheesh!  And a rainy day in January makes me feel that guilt with all the stuff you read about in the newspapers and see on TV.

Then there is that one video clip of a lonely Polar Bear clinging to the one small shrinking piece of ice… that the voice tells me is melting at an alarming rate.

Sorry I am not buying the GW thing. The poor Polar Bear can swim up to 200 or more miles nonstop. His amazing hair has small airtight spaces in each one and acts like a giant life jacket for the big bear.  The bigger the bear the bigger the life jacket – and he or she can swim.

Now he or she does need to eat… and if lucky they will. Global Warming has simply made it possible for more prey to be there for the bear.

Sorry GW guilt doesn’t work for me when I see what other parts of Canada and the world are going through. The huge piles of snow dropped on the different areas has caused big problems with the traffic – cars and airplanes.  We are getting way more snow when we do get snow.

Maybe we are returning to an Ice Age of sorts? Hmmm?

I mean the same scientists tell me that a huge glacier covered most of Canada at one time but then it melted and moved away leaving our country a place to live on and in.

Who’s fault was that Ice Age Melt then?  It wasn’t mine! Maybe it was Dinosaur farts. It had to be someone’s fault… someone had to be giving out Guilt Trips!!! But there was no TV or Newspapers in the IAM – so they just enjoyed it all.

Today I am going outside to enjoy the warm weather… before the return of cold stuff next week. I have no Guilt at all. I might be envied by some of my relatives that live in colder areas and have to shovel each day.  But I can handle their questions…

And I want to say “Thank You” to Texas and other states that let their warm air flow north to us!

Today I will enjoy what I have. In fact that may just be my main Goal for 2013.

~ Murray Lincoln ~
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1 comment:

David Grant said...

Actually, Arctic ice is melting pretty fast. That isn't really up for debate, it's well documented. And definitely, it's a change from what the Inuit have experienced in the past.

And polar bears are a wee bit more skinny these days. We've had a couple shot just on the edge of my village. Is the sea ice melting affecting their habitat? For sure but I'm guessing they'll adapt. They are dang resourceful, powerful and a wee bit scary.

As far as the cause goes, I think that's the great debate. I've got a feeling someone is making a buck or two on it, whatever they think the reason is or isn't.