Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Here is To Aging – Glasses raised high

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Here is To Aging – Glasses raised high
My world is swirling around.  It started two days ago with the old body reacting to – too much of everything!  It has continued on for the third day now. Oh Boy!

I have found that I am not able to keep up the pace that was once a part of life. But I hate admitting that to certain people… especially younger ones!

When retirement came upon me the desire was to keep going – silly desire for sure!!

My mother who is 23 years older than me – still going at 91 years and 9 months old is still shuffling along – but the shuffle is much slower now too. This morning she came out of her room and said quite frankly… “It hurt to get out of bed this morning!”

Oh boy – I agree.

But in comparison to my friend Terry that is heading back into surgery this morning for a continued knee problem, – the fourth operation on the same knew in less than a week – my pain is little.

Terry, buddy this AM I thought of you as my knees creaked and popped as I took the first few steps.  Praying for your quick recovery bro!

I love it when my friends ask how I can do so much and still keep going?   I am definitely hiding the aches and pains better than they are. And I guess I should be getting nomination for best supporting actor this year… supporting my over-weight condition with too many pounds and all the activities that I do.

How do I deal with it… take a deep breath and say – “Okay stand up and move!”  And it actually works… each bone and each muscle works the way it should but they are slower!!!

Today I raise my glass to aging… my glass of Geritol, Ginko, GeezerAide or whatever else might help!

Murray Lincoln

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