Monday, October 22, 2012

Good Lord I am so sore – but so happy that I have my son George

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Roof is All done - Final Inspection
Good Lord I am so sore – but so happy that I have my son George
This morning I have between 326 and 425 muscles that are screaming at me… “You Idiot… what did you do to us this past few days!”

Why that number?  Well the human body has between 656 and 850 muscles in it – depending on which experts you consult… and about 50% of mine are killing me!

Starting on Saturday morning at 7:30 AM and then working until 7 PM I helped shingle our Roof. The job was wrapped up on Sunday afternoon after we did 4 ½ hours more.

Did you know that each bundle of shingles weighs 80 pounds?  They never weighed anywhere near that when I was a mere 20 year old. When I was around 40 years old they seemed to get a little heavier – but at 68 they feel like 80 pounds and then some!!!  The package never actually got any heavier – I just got older... much, much older!

“We” lifted 80 bundles of the shingles up on to the roof.  That is 6,400 pounds of material went up 10 feet and then had to be carried to each area of the roof itself.

Now if you have done any roofing you must realize by now that 6,400 pounds of material had to come off the roof before the new shingles could be laid down again.  And if you miss the trailer with the shingles that you drop from the roof – you simply picked up more pounds and placed them into the trailer.  Simply put we may have lifted an additional 200 to 300 pounds more as amateur roofers.

For shingles coming off you needed to bend, pick up and then throw them at least 20 feet out to the trailer.   Single shingles don’t make it through the air like say 10 to 20 pounds balanced on one hand fired like a shot put!

No I never did all of that… four fantastic Grandsons and one fantastic Granddaughter did 90% of that lifting and putting shingles up out of the trailer and down into the trailer.  These kids are 17, 16, 14, 13 and 11!  And they are amazing.  They worked the full15 ½ hours non-stop.

YES – that is true!  There are Teenagers in the World today that actually can put a very full day into a job and outwork most men!!!

Now I need to explain that the lift that was operating on the ladder definitely helped us a million times over.  The 80 pound bundle was lifted up on to the carriage and the gasoline motor powered it to the roof in about 3 seconds.  It was there that very powerful young men grabbed the bundle and carried it to where it needed to be. Then when needed at another spot the bundle was picked up again and placed where George, our roofer, needed them.

Now I make it sound like the Grandsons and Granddaughter did it all. No way!  George Van Spronsen is a roofer by trade.   George was the Main Man at this job site… and George not only hammered down the bulk of the shingles but he also motivated 5 young people to do their best… and they did.

I noted that none of our teens had to get down and “go have a smoke”… and none were hung over form the night before!  George saw that too.

I need to thank George with this posting and also one other very special lady… his wife Jessika!!!  She loaned George to us for the two days and we so much appreciate that.

Behind the scenes other stuff happened too that sometimes makes it even more difficult to get a good job done.

George and Jessika have two sons Jonah and Sam.  Some that read this Blog know that when their first son Jonah was born he faced major difficulties with his young life.  If everything would have gone the way that it might have – the ‘Charge Syndrome’ he was born with placed his life at risk many, many times.

Now - Every night a nurse comes to their home to attend to Jonah all night long.  Each hour Jonah is checked so that his breathing tubes are clear and free of obstructions.  She stays all night so that George and Jessika can sleep.

While we were on the roof on Saturday George received a call from Jessika telling him that the nurse couldn’t come on Saturday night.  That meant that George and Jessika would have to spell each other off each other off while they looked after young Jonah – all night long.

George never cursed or swore at the problem that they faced together. George is not like that. George faces this personal family problem in a calm and gentle way. This big strong and most powerful man that I know simply loves his wonderful wife – through it all.

I performed the marriage for Jessika and George – a wonderful ceremony and a great celebration together.  I also just happened to be at the Hospital the night that Jonah was born and the family faced that horrific moment when they found out that their brand new baby boy was fighting for every moment for his young life.

You see George, Jessika and our family are very close.  We are in it for a life time.

When George and Jessika heard we had roof problems, they were the ones that volunteered to help us.

I have to take a deep breath and kind of cough when it comes to these four special people.  I get choked up at times.  They are very near and dear to my heart.  My four Grandsons and one Granddaughter were working alongside their “Uncle George” this past weekend.  You see we have adopted George and Jessika as our kids as well!!!

This Blog Post this morning is to say a BIG THANKYOU to George and Jessika for what you folk did this weekend for an Old Minister and his Wife.  God bless you for your kindness and love for us!

BTW – these new style of shingle are 40 year shingles – guaranteed to last 40 more years. They are not like the old style with the silly slices in them giving it that old shingle look.  These double laminated at the exposed edge with no slices in them.

I will be 108 years old when they will be needing replacing.

All of this is great… but Good Lord I am so sore this morning I can hardly move!

Murray Lincoln
For your inspection


And when the job was done... Three of my Grandsons simply flew away!!!!

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Roofing Brooklyn said...

Christ! From the looks of it you guys had a classic day of home improvement!! Hahahaha. The day I have my kids do 15 hours of roofing with me is the day pigs fly, I can't even get them to go to home depot with me!

-Adam Ahmed