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The Student Leaders from Quebec and the rest of Political Canada

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The Student Leaders from Quebec and the rest of Political Canada

I am in Ottawa for a series of meetings over two days – all to do with the Volunteer Work that I do in our community and across Ontario.


Ottawa is a political place to say the least. You can see it, smell it, hear it, feel it and taste it – everywhere.


The other night my wife and I were walking down one of the main thoroughfares and a noisy bunch of bicycle riders pulled up at an intersection right where we stood.  They were whooping and yelling out a kind of chant to let people know they were on the street.  All the people behind them knew they were there as well in that they had blocked completely four lanes of traffic – completely. I estimate that about 30 to 50 riders all told… about 8 to ten across and 4 to 5 deep(lengthwise).


I had no idea what they were upset about – but they were making a point.


Today I read in the news about the Student Leaders from Quebec that had turned their world upside down this past summer.   Their protests in Montreal and across the province was about the rise in their Student Tuition.  This eventually contributed to the defeat of the Premier and his political party(being ousted).  They definitely had a part on the disturbances and the political ruckus in their area.


The story today “Quebec student leaders want to spark national anti-Harper movement” in the Toronto Sun tells how they are going across Canada now to tell anyone interested people how they too can cause a new ruckus in their area.  They will show people how to organize and use new Social Media methods to cause disturbances the way they did.


I believe the Cyclists the other night were doing the same thing. They were well coordinated and they were protesting.  Something had joined them together and was holding them on track for the duration of what they were doing.


Now all of this follows the riots in Toronto when the “G-whatever number it was” caused the unrest and had some many people thrown in temporary cells. The whole world saw the young people smashing windows and stomping on police cars.  Some said they were anarchists – anti everybody and specially the government. They simply hate the world and likely themselves as well.


The new effort that the Students from Quebec are trying or are being prompted to do … is to bring down Stephen Harper and his party because of their austerity measures.  The cut backs have been so major in many areas that everyone is starting to feel it. And at this stage it is perfect to see a whole lot of people rise up to tell the present Government that they have had enough.


It is a fact that few of the politicians are feeling the pinch the way that the local people are feeling it. Their positions and pay scale is pretty and secure.  They are not feeling the pinch at all.


That was true until Monsieur Jean Charest – the former Premier of Quebec – went down in flames after the Students in Quebec revolted.


A funny thought I had is… Jean Charest will likely have a guaranteed position and a well-paid job going across Canada to tell other Politicians what to watch out for – Protesting Students and Angry People.


Do you have the feeling that you might not want to be a politician right now?  I know some of them and I know that they are having reservations. They are doing the old “D&H” thing – “Duck and Hide”.


I think that it is a good thing to write about now. People are not happy with what our Government has had to do. Notice the “had to do” part.  The huge amount of debt that we have now incurred in Canada is affecting everyone.


Debts must be paid. Just like the debt you chalked up last Christmas and still haven’t paid off yet.


Canada has had that happen so that we all will be paying off “Canada’s Christmas spending” for a long time to come.


Another thought… who will hire these students after they graduate?  Who would trust them to not do it again wherever they will work?


But maybe THIS IS THEIR WORK… to bring down governments wherever they can get a cell-phone connection…. Hmmm?

Murray Lincoln

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