Monday, October 29, 2012

The Bull Moose’s Love Affair or Not – with an RCMP Cruiser

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The Bull Moose’s Love Affair or Not – with an RCMP Cruiser
I point to this story I read about yesterday and then listened to – today because it is very funny.  The story about the Moose and the RCMP Officer with his car.  The story about the Bull Moose mounting the hood of the Copper`s Car…

Now if that has your attention good enough you may want to read more about this story at CBC Web Site and the “Angry bull moose smacks down CMP Cruiser”.

Below the great photo shown on the Web Posting is an audio clip of the CBC interviewer quizzing the ‘communication officer’.  That interviewer is kind of stunned by what she has heard and trying hard to find as many details as possible. She is also likely very much from the city… and is astonished that a Moose is in Prince George BC making a ruckus in this way.

The humour here is so good.

Now in that 15 to 25 second of a one ton animal prancing up to the car, climbing on to the hood, then on to the roof, one foot coming through the driver’s side window, hitting the driver’s shoulder, bruising him… must have seemed like an hour or more.

Scary but very funny!!!?

Now the background of this story is that the Officer was sitting beside the road doing some paper work when he saw a Cow and Calf Moose crossing the road.  The Officer pulled his car on to the road to help stop another car from possibly hitting the moose.

Now it doesn’t say in the report that the RCMP Officer blew his horn or not… but if he did – that further angered the bull moose.  I am making that assumption of course.

You do not Blow Your Horn at a Bull Moose – especially if he is near her!  And even being close to her when he is after her… is not a real good idea. He is stupid to the MAX and likely she is in heat.

There I said what the poor CBC announcer couldn’t say… and what the RCMP news release couldn’t or wouldn’t say either.

Bull Moose that are in their rutting season – or possibly in rutting season (I can’t speak for that Moose) are dangerous because they simply have one thing on their minds… a female Moose… and if another stupid Bull Moose gets in the way… he will chase him off.  Everyone that has been near Moose know that.

Now a RCMP cruiser that is perceived to look like, act like, sound like, or get in the way of the female Moose and the Bull Moose’s love affair – are targeted.

She, “the female moose” had perhaps had enough… and was crossing the road to get away…near the cruiser.  He saw the diversion tactic and let her see what he could to a Cruiser!  Stomp on it… or make like you are mounting it!!!

Now the Mountie knows what female moose endure all the time.

Most moose I have seen are on the run. She is running quickly… and he is not far behind.

And in the wild if you make sounds like a Moose, specially a noisy bull moose, another bigger moose will show up to scare you off.  But it is at that moment that I aim the rifle and “KerBlam” – the big guy full of hormones and raging after a female – becomes steaks, roasts and meat for about six family’s tables.

Now do you see what I think it is very funny?

I wonder what the RCMP Officer was dreaming about the night after it happened… or in the days and nights to come?  Further – I wonder what his buddies are bugging him about back at the office?

Click on the Link and read – then listen. If you stop laughing by lunch time or later in the next two hours I would be amazed.

Murray Lincoln
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