Saturday, October 27, 2012

Ontario Politicians, Ontario Teachers, Ontario Unionized Workers all need prayer… whew!

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Ontario Politicians, Ontario Teachers, Ontario Unionized Workers all need prayer… whew!
Only someone that has faced criticism can understand another person that faces criticism… and what it does to the individual under fire.

In Ontario we have a major crisis taking place under our noses.  The political world is being rocked from top to bottom.  Men and women that have been leaders in our Provincial Parliament are resigning – or making it known that they are not going to run again in the next election.  Only  few so far but some predict others will do the same.

They are done in a very few short months.

Our Premier has announced that he is also quitting the job as leader of our Provincial Parliament.  Now another person will need to step forward and take on the leadership of the Liberal party – which will place them in the unenviable position of being a target for major criticism.

Have you ever wondered why people take on these roles that are targets for the critics?

Our Premier did say that he is shutting down our Provincial Parliament (Proroguing Parliament) – because things are too heated up.  Right or wrong there is no need for the Government Elected leaders to show up at Queen’s Park in Toronto – because no one is coming into debate anything.

I have sat listening to the different people speaking to questions or making comments and then others attempting to offer answers for all to hear. And then the ones asking questions ramp up their questions in another way because they feel that the first, second or third questions were not answered. Then when the questions are not answered they accuse each other of being secretive and avoiding the legitimate questions that were asked.

Whew!  I think I got that right… trying to describe what takes places in our Parliament. Maybe impossible???

To sit many times and many days dwelling on what someone thinks you did or did not do, when someone will not listen to what has been said or answered – is overwhelming to say the least… in my mind… and from what I see and hear.

My simple question first is… “Is there a time when they will agree with each other?”  or “Has there ever been a time when that happens?”

Second question is, “When they will never listen to each other and never try to make it work, is there a place where an impasse takes place and no one can work together – ever again?”

I am called to pray for these leaders but at times I do not know what to pray.  That is simple and straightforward way to say it.  So I simply ask God to bless them – each one.  I produce an almost daily blog that offers a prayer for these folk that work in Queen’s Park in Toronto(the Ontario Legislature) – see

At times I truly wonder if it makes any difference at all. Simple confession.  But I keep doing what I said I will do – “God please bless each one today… in whatever way you need to do that.. Amen.”

Now the Teachers of Ontario are upset to the max.  Add to their group the Unions that represent the different workers that work under and for the Government are upset too. Everyone wants more money or their own way.  And the Government Leaders are not going to be there to answer questions.

I think I need to pray for all of Ontario today… and for weeks to come.  Would you like to join me?  However if you live outside our area – you likely have your own pray life full praying for your leaderships as well.

Oh Boy.

Murray Lincoln
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