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James Bond, the Men in Black and Our Mind

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James Bond, the Men in Black and Our Mind
Attending a death of a person is not easy. Seeing someone actually die is not something a lot of people do every day.  Being in attendance at that last breath is not one that you will seek out as entertainment – I am sure.

Yet in my life time I have been there all too often at that moment when the last breath was breathed by a fellow human being.

There are a million emotions that you will go through at this extreme moment in your lifetime when and if it happens to you.  But most of us expect that this will happen only when we get old – or at least when we are adults.

Death is real and it happens, but for the most part we try to protect our children from seeing it take place.  In fact many will go the limit to prevent kids from attending a funeral of a loved one.

So why talk about death in this way?  Well I want to make the real world that we live in come to the surface of your mind when you think of the next bit of information… James Bond in the movies.

The Guardian News Paper published a great story that I read this morning.  Here is a quote
“So, here's the data. And it shows a total of 1,299 deaths in all the official Bond films (excluding both the early Casino Royale's and Never Say Never Again). Of those, 352 kills were by Bond (354 if you include Never…) and 947 by others.”

Right below the quote is a chart that they have shown with the actual body counts made by fans of the movies.  The chart shows how many James Bond killed and how many other died in the same movie.

The movie entitled “You only live once” has almost 200 killed by others and James Bond does a mere 20 or so.

That is 1,299 dead bodies in all the movies.

Someone said the other day that they would never allow their kids to see the Harry Potter movies because of whatever…  BUT they have watched a James Bond movie which is away worse (in my mind).

Now don’t get me wrong. I enjoy and good old Cowboy movie that has people dropping from horses and off chuck wagons – left, right and centre.  Loads of people are shot and killed in every Cowboy movie.  Today’s Cowboys kill ‘Politically Correct’ folk – the bad ones.. not just the Indians – which always was the way it was in my growing up years.  Loads of Indians died at the hands of the Hero.

I also enjoy a good action movie when space men and human men nuke it out.  In one of the movies that I saw not long ago about the ‘Men in Black 3’ where few humans died but a gazillion space critters are blown to bits – or was that another space critter attack like ‘Cowboys and Aliens’?

I think I have witnessed all 1292 deaths in the James Bond series.  But if I add up all the deaths in all the movies and reruns that I have seen… it may be over half of the Earth’s Population that I have witnessed taking their last breath.

Away back in the 1960s I read the book entitled “On the Beach” written by Nevil Chute – that vividly described for me World War III and the entire population of the world was wiped out.  I think the total of people dead with that Book was about 3 Billion – unlike the 6 or 7 Billion of today.

As I watch the movie or play the video game I allow the nuking of a lot of critters and people. I don’t give it any thought at all that each one is breathing their very last breath and the spirit in them has left the building or its residence.

My comment with this post today is simply that we are a weird lot of people.  We have become accustomed to death or may I say, acclimatized to it. It is nothing new to see someone dead.

No, no, no – I know you would never get like that!  But when you watch the news and another murder is described by the news media – how do you react?  If that murder is in Toronto with another young man or women breathing their last breath… we change channels… right?  If it is in our town or city – we ask what the address was. We simply want to know if we can drive by the place tomorrow.

There is nothing gruesome about death any longer. There is nothing shocking or unusual. It is normal.

We are a funny, weird and unusual people… or at least we have become that way.

What do you react like when the people that will die in Syria today are snuffed with another horrific bomb being dropped in their neighborhood?  What will it matter to you when the Syrian Soldiers are blown to bits by the people opposing them?

Change the channel right?  Oh Boy!

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