Monday, October 8, 2012

Today My Tatted Tea Pots will be on parade at the Norwood Fall Fair

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Today My Tatted Tea Pots will be on parade at the Norwood Fall Fair
On the lighter side today… today my Tea Pots will be on parade at Norwood.  What a wonderful opportunity to show them off.

Norwood? Where is Norwood?  Norwood is an amazing town just east of Peterborough where we live.  And this weekend is the “Norwood Fall Fair” where thousands of people join in celebration of their farming community.

Mixed with all the activities of the weekend is (from their Web Site)
Fair Highlights:
§     Plenty of live music every day
§     NEW! Ontario Xtreme Cowboy Competition
§     Antique Car Show and Tractor Pull
§     Horse Shows and Competitions
§     Crops and Home Arts Competitions
§     Lawn Tractor Races
§     Flyball
§     Midway, Parade and Kids' Talent Contest
§     Emily Flack and the Great Canadian Music Party!

Nope – they have not listed Tea Pots on Parade… but on the Web Site they have listed Crafts etc… at 1:30 PM today. And under that category is where I am fitting in.

After a call earlier this year from ‘Joan’ I was booked to come along today to demonstrate my tatting and all that I do related to Lace Making.  Today I will show off my newest tatted pieces that are now mounted in on my collection of older and discarded tea pots(one or two are new).

As you can see the tea Pots show the Tatting off in amazing ways.

Tatting?  What’s Tatting some are asking already.

Tatting is a very fine form of making beautiful lace that has trimmed the clothing and household items for hundreds of years. It is made with a small shuttle that is wound with cotton.  Then by passing the shuttle back and forth small knots are made in a controlled way to produce lace.

Tatting is very much like Macramé that was popular in the 1960s and 1970s.  It is just much smaller. The same knots and themes are used in tatting as were in macramé.

So today is my day to Tat myself into another world.

My Great Grandfather was a Tatter and he taught his three daughters to Tat.  One was my Grandmother – who was maybe the best Tatter in the world.

Now the comical thing that happens today in my world is… tatting is not lace making now… it is another word for Tattooing.

I often have tattooed people come by to see my Tatting… at which time we all have a good laugh.

On the side – if I had more lifetime left I might have been a tattoo artist as well.

If you are in the Norwood area today, Peterborough, Toronto, Ottawa or wherever – you can make it to Norwood very easily.  I would love to see you today.

Come and see my Tatted Tea Pots.

Murray Lincoln

For your inspection

Some of my Tatted Tea Pots

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