Thursday, October 18, 2012

Brad Smith – No Hockey – Presidential Debate and stupid stuff in Politics

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Brad Smith – No Hockey – Presidential Debate and stupid stuff in Politics
You know that the county is going to be in trouble this week when the following happens…

* There is no Hockey on TV and the TSN station broadcasts an old movie about Hockey…
* The USA Presidential Election Trail is watched by most Canadians…
* Guys without dates are going to Staples to look for “Binders full of Women” after Mitt Romney stated he looked through these kind of Binders in the so called Debate…
* Bachelor Brad smith sends home four girls instead of two… on The Bachelor Canada TV Show…
* Our Premier quits politics…

As I read the news today I was looking for a good theme to put my words to.  It wasn’t one story that caught my attention but many. This has been one very crazy week here we live.

One story was about the Border Guard Lori Bowcock that was shot in the neck by a man that then killed himself as he sat in his vehicle going through customs. The reason that I read the article was the Title – “Wounded border guard not targeted, police say”.  Duh!  She came up to the vehicle and he pulled his pistol out and shot at what?  The bird going by? The bug on his side mirror? Nope he shot the woman – but she just happened to be in the way of the bullet form his gun… DUH!?

Then I read that Brad Smith sent the potential dates – that were sitting on the couch together – on fire when he took off his shirt!!!! No kidding!  That actually happened!!  What bunch of air-heads!  Brad buddy – you want to hook up with a dizzy chick that swoons over you taking your shirt off. When you hit 60 and your belly is bigger than your breast Brad, swoon will not be happening any longer.  What crap!

I admit that I watched five minutes of that really stupid excuse for a TV Program.  I also have watched a whole program of the Real Wives of Vancouver and couldn’t believe there were people like this living in Canada… Vancouver maybe… but how can they call this Canadian!!?

Then the comment of Mitt Romney going through ‘binders of women’ to find some that were good to serve on his State Cabinet in Massachusetts when we was Governor there!  A bunch of my friends are looking for that Binder at Staples now!

I mean there are weeks that are memorable and then are weeks that you just wished were last month or 10 years ago when you could forget it.

But why do Canadians watch an American debate between two people that they can never vote for to be their President?  It is likely because this is an example of poor Canadians suffering deeply because of ‘Hockey Withdrawal’.  I mean it is no the middle of October and there is no Hockey on TV – only short reports that the owners and players might meet some day to get over their little spat.

I am so glad that there is YouTube on my computer where I can watch the idiots falling off the roof over and over again.  I can see the nut case riding a bike over a knoll and flipping face first into the swamp.   I can leer at the fat lady singing while that idiot fell out of the seat…

I am Canadian and just like the rest of my friends…. Oh boy.

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