Sunday, October 14, 2012

Screaming at the Thief and then shaking my head

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Screaming at the Thief and then shaking my head
Yesterday morning was not good.  I opened our car door to find all the contents of the glove compartment scattered all over the floor, the centre console was emptied, the electric cords for the cell phones and the GPS were scattered around as well.  And the $3.00 in change from the console plus my 91 year old mother’s - $6.99 Sun Glasses were gone as well.

The night before I was very tired as I returned home from the very busy day in Brighton. I had taught four classes and was talked out – completely.  I had unpacked the car of all my carving things and tools… then went into the house to flop into bed.

I was sure that I locked the car. I always lock the car. I never do something so foolish as leaving it unlocked.  But this time I did… it was definitely my fault.

All day I felt dirty. Each time I sat in my driver’s side seat I felt the creepy feeling that the idiot was sitting right where I sit and carefully poked through all out junk.

The idiot possibly stole two walkie-talkies that we may have had in the console. They didn’t work that well and should have been thrown out.  We never use them anymore.

The kind of things that the person took indicated who they were.  Small change – which was big to them… and clumsy Sun Glasses that might make him look like a 91 year old great grandmother.  Two old style walkie-talkies that had no use when you have two Cell Phones that work far better.

Under my seat there was two very expensive converter/charging units that change the 12 volts into 125 volts.  Both were still there… and not even moved.

Not only do I feel dirty in my own car… I am looking at every young punk that walks by now with suspicion.  I cannot wait to see the dude with the clunky glasses on walk by… he may just have to deal with me at that moment.

Do I wish him ‘bad things’ in his life?  Nope, not at all. If he doesn’t change his ways quickly I will see him in Jail and then in Prison someday.

You see God knows where the dude is right now. He knows where the Glasses are and he will make the dude have to deal with it all.  The misery that he will be feeling right now will be growing until he will not sleep well.

Nope I do not have to do anything. God will do the rest.

And YES… I locked the car last night – three times before I went inside.

Murray Lincoln
For your inspection

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