Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Political Things are Happening in Ontario – Big Time - WOW

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Political Things are Happening in Ontario – Big Time - WOW
Two days ago our Premier, Dalton McGuinty, announced his resignation as Premier of our Province of Ontario and the Leadership of the Provincial Liberal Party.  He also took a step to Prorogue Parliament, meaning our Provincial Parliament is now shut down indefinitely.

My goodness the newspapers and the news media are having a feeding frenzy trying to determine what might take place next.

There is analysis upon analysis made by everyone trying to state in their opinion what is going on… or what will happen next.

They are also guessing why he has quit now.

Dalton McGuinty has been in the political world for 16 years from what I gleaned and has been Premier of our Province for 7 years.

He offered the answer as to why he was stepping down… and the answer that he gave was “it is about family” – needing more time to be with them etc.

There are guesses now as to the possibility of his running for the National Liberal Party’s leadership… oh boy.

Did you get the part about being with Family more… more and bigger politics will not allow that to happen.  Either we don’t get it – or he hasn’t really decided yet.

I highly doubt the idea that he wants more politics.  I am sure that he wants less.  And in the Media Scrum when he met with the boys and girls of the press… I think he played with them. As the Leader up to that moment he couldn’t play with anyone… now he can and I believe he enjoyed that.

I wish him the best for the Future!  He has earned time away from the centre of public debate and criticism.  He has earned a rest now.

In recent time the issues that have been dealt with teachers and their unions (a freeze was imposed on their salaries and stuff) – he can’t go anywhere without a reminder that he is labeled as a culprit that caused problems for them… and I just bet that his grandkids are getting the brunt of that misery at school!!!!

The issues with two power plants being built and closing down construction during the election – is going to cost a gazillion dollars for a few votes for the MPPs of that area.

And there is more on the horizon with the wage issues and more union stuff facing his government now…

And he woke up that magic morning and said… “Folks I have had enough… today I resign.” And it was over.

I certainly understand what he has gone through.  My departure happened in 2008… not as Premier… but as a Pastor… the one in charge that tried hard to do my very best… but people still thought I was wrong… and some as ‘Good Christians’ even hated me. Oh boy the shiver just went up my backbone again.

Premier Dalton McGunity my hat goes off to you and I say thank you for what you have done for our Province.  I also say… good luck to the next guy or gal that takes over.

Something tells me that the next leadership race in Canada… for his job will be better than the one for the USA’s President.

This should be fun!

Murray Lincoln
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