Friday, October 26, 2012

Could I be the “100 Year Old Man who climber out the window and disappeared?”

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Could I be the “100 Year Old Man who climber out the window and disappeared?”
When I showed the book, “100 Year Old Man who climber out the window and disappeared”, I was reading to the Staff Member at a Senior Citizen’s home I was visiting, I told her how good the book was and that she might enjoy reading it.  She immediately had leery look on her face and stumbled for some words… saying… “Is it true?”

I began to laugh and tried to assure her that it was ‘just fiction’ but a very good story. In fact it is hilarious at times and twisted at other times.

You see the Senior’s home that I was visiting did have an old man walk out the front (or back) door and the final results were not that good.  He didn’t come back either.

I am not sure how to set up the story so it makes sense. I tried to explain it to the group of older folk in the one group that I meet with each week. Their response was comical also.  The one lady said simply, “Oh my!” when I described he story outline for the group.

On the back of the book cover states a good summary, “A reluctant centenarian with a life much like Forrest Gump’s (if  Gump were an explosives expert with a fondness for vodka) decides it’s not too late to start over…”

And start over is what Allan Karlsson, the 100 year old man, just did. The day he walked away from the restrictive Senior’s home he lived in… he started a whole new life. But mind you he has had a very full life – all 100 years of it before climbing out the window that day of his Birthday Party.

No I am not going to tell you the story. You can buy the book… cheap in many places.  And if you wait, they are going to make a movie of the story – which I think they started on this past summer.

As I read more about the book and how it came about, I discovered a great article in the web site by Angela Levin.  Angela Levin interviewed the author Jonas Jonasson.

In away Jonas is Allan Karlsson, the 100 year old man… he started over a few times.  Allan’s life and the book is all about starting over… never getting down when tough stuff comes along and keeping moving.

Yes I highly recommend that you read the book… you will love it.

One caution to my slightly OCD friends, there are no quotation marks when anyone in the book speaks. The paragraph that tells of someone’s words simply begins with a dash  “ – ” – which makes you want to make quotation marks all through the book… oh boy.  I almost did.  Just a little different style that I am used to reading… but then that is the whole book…!

Read it – you will love it. And some day you just may need to know how to climb out a window and walk away…!!

Murray Lincoln
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