Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I am so confused now about Political Things – How about you?

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I am so confused now about Political Things – How about you?
Yes – I watched the last debate in the US Presidential debate – last night.  Not much different than the first two. 

Some said after it was over that it was mainly about getting the ‘women voters’ attention and support this time around.  Obama may not have earned their support by his attacks on poor Mr. Romney – some said… apparently thinking that women don’t like men attacking men.

I have no idea where that came from. When you watch a Boxing Match or attend a Boxing Match – there are lots of women in the crowd that cheer the fighters on and cheer when one of them wins.  Is that comment that the pundits made sexiest?

There is no such thing as poor Mr. Romney or poor Mr. Obama. Both men will have spent more than ONE BILLION Dollars on their own campaign after the election is complete – and it isn’t even their money!!  One will have WON because someone(s) thought they liked him better… the other will have lost because they didn’t like him.

“Will 2012 go down in history as the year money took over politics? Both parties will have spent more than a billion dollars electing the next president. More and more of that money comes from a handful of the wealthiest Americans and the corporations they run. On the Democratic side, Jeffrey Katzenberg of DreamWorks, telecommunications pioneer Irwin Mark Jacobs, and hedge fund manager James Simons have donated millions to re-elect the president, but the amount of money the Democrats have received from deep-pocketed supporters pales in comparison to what Republicans have received. A single billionaire, business magnate Sheldon Adelson, had by August spent more than $41 million and promised to spend up to $100 million defeating President Obama and other Democrats. All told, the top .07 percent of donors give more money than the bottom 86 percent. And it pays off. Candidates spend ever more time courting the super rich and then, once in office, try to keep them happy. This summer, for example, Mitt Romney held two fundraisers at which he raised almost $10 million from the oil and gas industry and then announced that as president he would end more than 100 years of federal restraint of oil and gas drilling on public lands. Things like that happen on both sides. How did we get into such a situation? What is to be done about it? Is it threatening our democracy? And doesn’t it go against everything the founding fathers stood for? End quote.

I know we don’t live in the states… but we hear that the opposition hates “Obama Care” and from what I read and hear “Obama Care” is a lot like what we have in Canada… a health care that everyone receives benefits from.

Now I am admittedly Canadian… and enjoy good care and quick care. I do not need to fight to get into see a Doctor or be helped at a Hospital. My communities are safer than most in the USA.  When I come back to Canada I know I am home and will not worry about things that my American Relatives have to worry about.

I do know that if Obama wins – they will hate him again… and after four years they will run him into the ground again and again.

If Romney wins – they will also hate him for what he does in his four years as the new President… just like they did with Obama.

It appears from an outsiders point of view – that Americans elect a person to a top place and then honour him with all that they have, even grow up to think that they too can be President one day… but at the same time at least half of the Nation that the new President will lead, HATES HIS GUTS… and he has to travel with the top security guards that his nation can offer… so no one drops the dude with a Bullet.

Is that a new attitude?  Nope.  One of my relatives, Abe Lincoln, the greatest President that ever served died that way… because they hated him. Yet every last one of them claims he is the Greatest – even after they killed him.  And this is supposed to be DEMOCRACY at its best… sheesh

I do not understand the American Political mindset.

But back in our own country and Province I can’t understand ours either. The more I get to know the men and women that lead ours the more confused I get as well.

They seem great people when you get close to them… or even get to know them… but what happens with the anger and even close violence is way over the top after they are elected.

It is at this time of the American Political machinery grinding, the Canadian Liberal quandary, the Ontario Provincial political world upset with no Government sitting within the Legislative building… yet they are all paid well and looked after by all of the people… and only a Premier and his Cabinet that are running everything on their own… and it appears to be going this way until the Provincial Liberals select a new Liberal Leader in late January 2013… that I really wonder what it is all about.

Do you think that maybe people have lost faith in the people that lead them?  I do.  I think that you will have a very hard time convincing my Grandsons to believe in what is taking place around them… to maybe get involved and serve in politics.

Thank you Gentlemen and Ladies of the Political World – at least we do not have to guess any longer what is true and not true.  I am now totally confused about almost everything.

Murray Lincoln
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1 comment:

David Grant said...

It's not really confusing. Money gives whoever has it the greatest voice.

What is confusing is that we accept that reality.

But think about the church system we've been part of. A 30 year old man is elected to preside over a group of people based on a sermon. From that day on people put more value to what he has to say than on people who have been Christians for 40 or 50 years.

He can stay in that position for as long as he wants and if he gets to the age of 55 in that same church, he likely won't ever leave because another church won't elect someone that old to preside over them.

Now that is confusing.