Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Leg, Right Foot, Shoe and the Fish

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The Leg, Right Foot, Shoe and the Fish
(The shown was caught at Port Hope - I have no idea of who this guy is...but he posed for me)

Okay – Okay – the words of the short article caught my attention – big time.

The article from the “The Province”(a BC Newspaper) states that – quote…
“The leg and foot, which was in a right shoe, were found by fishermen under the Cambie Bridge.
Investigators were not alarmed that more than a foot was found in this case.
"It would be concerning if there was some sign of mechanical disarticulation," Fonseca said. – End quote.

Hokey Mokey! Can you imagine the dreams that the Fishermen had that night after pulling this little bit of human remains ashore or into their boat?  Good gracious.

It said ‘It would be concerning if…’ – Duh!!! I guess it was concerning when they found the shoe and leg bone attached.

Now the fact that much or if not all the meat formerly attached to the leg bone was gone – tells me that something ate it… or it fell off with decomposition in the water over a period of time.

If you are reading this before you eat breakfast or lunch today, I do apologize (kind of).  It may spoil you eating Fish and Chips again knowing that some of these critters may have helped get rid of the leg or whatever above it.

Now apparently from the “The Province” report – quote…
Of the nine floating-feet cases, B.C. Coroners Service has linked seven of the feet to five missing people.” End quote.

Nine floating feet!! Linked to five missing people by seven of the floating feet???  Was that 2-2-1-1-1 feet… or something like that?

I am not sure I would be back to that area to fish again.

In the ‘old days’ when black and white movies were part of my life… the comedy happened when someone like Buster Keaton pulled out an old boot when fishing.

In fact in the old days I have pulled out some strange things on my fishing line as the hook snagged something on the bottom.

But this story has brand new implications for my fishing times ahead.  Double Yikes!

Maybe it is the ‘reporter style’ of glibly writing the report for the newspaper that kind of gets to me as well.

It would be a super story if the men or women that found the leg and foot could be interviewed… or maybe even better if a great YouTube video could be shot of this tremendous pull on the fisherman’s line could have been caught – you know like the Saturday Morning TV shows that we watch.

But glibly reported in this way… is kind of worse.  You know… like… today they caught three legs and a foot… two days ago it was a right and left foot… ho-hum.

How does fish taste now?

But – hey – wait a minute… what did you think Fish ate to grow the size that they are?

Good luck today with your Sunday afternoon lunch after church!

Murray Lincoln
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