Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hockey or No Hockey – Today is the Day!

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Hockey or No Hockey – Today is the Day!
So are you sick of Hockey yet? 


There is no Hockey – they are all either ‘Locked out’ or ‘On Strike’ – aren’t they?

Yes you are right.  There has been a reprieve for all the ‘Hockey Haters’ near me. They haven’t had to listen to any games or flip channels to avoid them. They are happy to say the least.  My wife is one of these people.

As I have been following the debates and comments I have found out that today is kind of a Ground Zero day in that if a decision is not coming through today – there will be no possible regular season playing or play off.  There will not be enough time to do what they normally do.

I stumbled on to the ‘680 All News Radio’ article that helped me to kind of see what is happening.  The article was good to give a quick snap shot of what was likely not taking place.  But if there is an announcement it may well knock the Presidential Process in the USA off kilter… hmmm?? I wonder if the two are related in some possible way?  Maybe the Presidential Campaign people are paying the hockey players to stay on strike so there is no hockey to interfere with their silly adds on TV???

On the ‘680 All News Radio’ Web Site these comments today kind of sum up what some people are thinking…

There are people in this world who do not have homes to go home to or enough food to eat and these millionaire morons are squabbling over money. Grow up already and think about how lucky you are to be able to be that rich and all you have to do is PLAY A GAME!!!! You all make me SICK!

Deadly sin....Greed!
I think they are very greedy and it doesn't make sense other organization will suffer from this. It is better to fire all the player and get replacement player who will play for much less money.

Oh well...
I've stopped caring.

I Agree
Cancel the whole *&*&* season. To all hockey fans out there....fuhgetaboutit!!! Useless to even talk about it anymore. Greed and power rule! Imagine making ALL this money, and everyone wants more... Go figure. Some regular folk don't even get a yearly raise. Be glad your making what your making for just a few months out of the year. Sports worlds unite....Money, money, money....and you want more money. SHAME ON ALL OF YOU...FROM THE BOTTOM TO THE TOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think the fans have had enough.

Don't care
Saving my beer money on the upcoming x'mas shopping. Let's see if there is growth in sales this year end....this is my prediction.

Do It!!!
Please do it already.... Cancel the season!!!

I truly think that Hockey is DEAD!

I think that Local Hockey is far better. I am a Proud Grandpa that gets to a few games every time that I can.  These games are usually in Whitby where the Grandsons play… and they are really good games! There is more action than anywhere else.  I can honestly say – “This is Hockey at its best!”

I think that it would be great to see if the NHL survives a complete season of no Hockey.  I doubt that it would. The fans will not return to a game that costs so much for tickets.  The fans will forget the names of the people playing or coaching. The small melodramas that are hatched by attitudes of players and owners would fade away forever.

Nope – I am not a Hockey Fan either.  I am sorry for the Coach’s Corner two… and the one with the loud coloured jackets… poor Don Cherry. Where will he ever wear the coats he has. The Seniors home that he soon checks into will come alive when this “Mr. Mouth” tells everyone how much he hates burnt toast and cold cereal.

Welcome to the world of no Hockey.  Whoopeee!

Murray Lincoln
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