Tuesday, October 16, 2012

More Time for Videos on the Internet

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More Time for Videos on the Internet
When researching the story yesterday of Felix Baumgartner’s high altitude jump I rediscovered the www.Telegraph.co.uk ’s web site.  They offer and short blurb with words and then a video that goes along.

To the right side of the main Telegraph story being featured they have a “Relate Video” section in a side bar.  In this area you will find other videos that are possible related to what you are watching.

Their method is much the same as the YouTube site.  After you look at one video, others are offered to keep you viewing.  For example if the video you have viewed is comical – other comical videos are offered as well… plus a possible video that may be in another direction but maybe similar in content.

On the Telegraph site I watched the Felix Baumgartner jump and then saw that they offered a video about the Hong Kong “Soapbox racing takes off in Hong Kong” .

It was in this video that I watched and listened to a Hong Kong butcher that was telling the camera in English, that he was riding in a Soapbox sponsored by his Butcher Shop… and if he won he would get a promotion to become a ‘half butcher’????

The “Soapbox racing takes off in Hong Kong” . was fantastic!  It then suggested that I might like to see a “Base jump gets off to a bad start”  Whoa! Dangerous but fun to watch – who knows what happened to the poor guy that fell down the mountain cliff .

But that then offered me another Red Bull sponsored video of Jeb Corliss jumping from a helicopter in his Wingsuit, then gliding through Tianmen Mountain in Hunan Province.  In the video he shoots through the hole that is solid rock on each side, zooms through the valley below and then pops open his parachute to land with grace on a bridge that is loaded with cameras and people.

And there was more… and an hour later it was time to go.

I have learned some amazing things about watching videos on the Internet… YOU NEED TO HAVE LOTS OF TIME TO SIT AND DO NOTHING!

But it is way too much fun! And once in a while you need to have some fun.

Enjoy the Links and specially the Soapbox video.

Murray Lincoln
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