Tuesday, October 9, 2012

“You have got to be kidding me!”

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“You have got to be kidding me!”
My wife turned to me and groaned out loud… a totally exasperated sound… “You have got to be kidding me!”

I looked at her with an understanding feeling and heart felt care.

The CBC TV announcer had just told us that there will be ‘re-cycled hockey’ on Saturday night.  He thought that the audience should get excited that the CBC had found some old hockey games that will be exciting for all the hockey fans to watch.  Yes they were old and yes it was a game that was played years ago… but he was sure that all true hockey fans could rest assured that their spot on Saturday night would be filled with Hockey – Hockey – Hockey!!!

“I thought we were free of Hockey for a while!” she stated flatly.

The NHL Players vs. Owners strike of 2012 has stopped hockey games across North America altogether.  There has been no TV Ads about Hockey, no Hockey stories or clips on the Sports(except about the strike),  and NO HOCKEY Games on TV.

My wife felt as if she had died and gone to heaven.  Thank God hockey was gone from our airwaves… she was free and found other things coming on in place of hockey.

I have tried to follow the Strike and understand the issues that they are fighting over. It is very complicated.  But as you read more you suddenly realize that it is very important to the young men that have given up their education and other possible career choices to play hockey.

Take a look at http://proicehockey.about.com/od/learnthegame/a/nhl_salary_cap.htm to get a better understanding

As of 2005 these young guys 18 to 21 signed an ‘entry level’ contract for a 3 year period of time at $850,000 per year.

The 22 – 23 year olds signed their ‘entry level’ contract for 2 years and those aged 24 years signed theirs for one year only.

In 2011 the ‘entry level’ had risen to $925,000 across the CBA(note: in case I sound like I know what I am writing about – I do not).

You seriously need to read the ‘Proicehockey’ link that I have shown above.

I truly think that the rather uneducated young men that are now signed up for these ‘entry level’ contracts are thoroughly confused and don’t dare sign any contract – until their lawyers and personal agents understand.

Whatever happened to the good old hockey game that Stompin’ Tom Connors sang about?

Practically I do think that those that have walked out on strike or that have forced a strike – have screwed themselves.  The longer that they stay away from Hockey the more they lose in audience.

Sure I watch a few hockey games(likely the reason for my wife’s reactions) – BUT now I am enjoying Football totally.   I love the CFL and watch it first. Then I switch to the NFL in the States and have caught game after game.  Then when things are slower in the professional area the local cable channel broadcasts the local Kinsmen Football league where my granddaughter plays… you know Grade Six to Grade Eight kids.

Football is better by far.  They do far more plays and have far greater variety in the actual game as it is played. It is not the Tick Tock – back and forth of the hockey game. Mind you they don’t have near as many fights and blood spilled on the turf as the Hockey Players have on the ice.

From a ‘distant fan’ in the other entire fan base... I have officially quit hockey. I have found other interests now and join my wife saying, “You have got to be kidding me!” – when they place something hockey in the ‘old time hockey spot’.

This past weekend I watched my one grandson play hockey with his new team. He is 13 AND HE IS GOOD!  But he is also a Baseball Player and is very good at that.

Do I care what he does in the future?  Yep – you betcha. I want so much for him to get a good education and possible with Baseball he will.  With hockey he would get $$$ and very little extra education… but as a hockey scout, or a hockey manager, or a hockey whatever he might be okay.

But what do I know?  “You have got to be kidding me!”

Murray Lincoln

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