Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Too Old for the CNE – but oh so much fun!

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Too Old for the CNE – but oh so much fun!
“Can we afford it?” my wife asked.  I nodded to the affirmative.  The deal was just too good.  They were knocking off about 40% from the price. How could we not afford it?!?

Whether we needed it or not was not a question I was asking. We were celebrating along with many other CNE attendees. 

We had walked a long ways.

We had taken part in a lot of different delicacies – like Roti followed by Deep Fried Mars Bars – which could have been wrapped in Bacon and then Deep Fried – but I passed on the Bacon.

Then we watched some of the greatest acts that the CNE has collected into one place each summer. Add to that the lights, sounds, and a million stimulations that simply buzz your brain… and that is a day at the CNE>

The Super Dog Show was simply amazing. President’s Choice sponsored this amazing presentation again this year.  That was another WOW Part for us.

Whew!  As I look back now on yesterday… my feet hurt. I tried to follow my wife and granddaughter Emma.  Grandpa was much slower than before. I used to lead… now I keep looking for them – they are way up ahead of me. I guess I talk to lots of people and the gals just keep going.

“While we were waiting for you Grandpa, guess what we saw?” was Emma’s question often – because Grandpa was talking again.

Each year we attend the Fairs in our area… as much as we can. Each year there is more for me to see and I walk further and further.  But the food keeps me going further and further….

Deep Fried Mars Bars are amazing.  Really a Deep Fried Chocolate Bar?  Yep – the Frozen Chocolate Bar is dipped in a batter, then it was placed in a Deep Fryer…

Today is quiet and time to get ready for another one this weekend – the Kinmount Fair… then comes the Norwood Fair on Thanks Giving Weekend.
But the bargains were something else… wow!
~ Murray Lincoln ~

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