Monday, August 20, 2012

The new Facebook Scam that has me asking for funds and selling green stuff – Yikes!

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The new Facebook Scam that has me asking for funds and selling green stuff – Yikes!

Hokey Mokey!  My Facebook Name was high jacked!  Can you believe it some dummy has made another ME and is trying to scam people using the NEW ME.

How could that happen?

The odd time when I go on to the Facebook page I see the small list of the people that I might know and want to click into Friend’s List.

There was Stephen Chaloner’s name and blue out icon needing to possibly be my friend on FB.   He is a Missionary friend of mine that works across Africa and in many countries as a director for our church’s denomination.  Stephen is also involved in Orphanage work in many places.

Thinking that Stephen had perhaps gone off FB and then was now looking for his good old friend Murray Lincoln – I clicked on the Stephen icon.  Bingo I was his Friend on FB – again.

The trouble was that Stephen had not left FB and was still my friend. Another guy acting like Stephen was now also my Friend on FB.

This “new” Stephen had a photo of himself – the real Stephen Chaloner with his wife Heather – albeit not a good photo…

Then the messages started coming from the new “real live Stephen” telling me that he was in Nigeria at this time and that he needed money for three Orphanages - $100,000 to be exact… and that he had raised $60,000 already.  He would be in touch with me again to tell me how I would be able to send him the money.

DUH!  The English used was the African flavour as well… but not good English.

Here is the text that I have so far received …
Stephen Chaloner
2:38pm Aug 16
We re fine and doing great, so how is your family?

Murray Lincoln
2:41pm Aug 16
Alida and I are more confined to our own home with my mom's aging 
- now 91 years old and slowing rapidly... but we are doing wonderful..
 business is growing... chaplaincy is doing well... just enough to keep 
ministry alive - but not enough to kill me.
Stephen Chaloner
3:26pm Aug 16
Oh that is good, glory to God almighty. Am currently in Nigeria now 
for a project. Trying raise fund so we can Carter for children and 
I think your donation will be needed.

Murray Lincoln
4:03pm Aug 16
What do you mean "Carter" for Children" i s that 
"Care for Children"? Suffering from Missionary Thumb - right? 
How much money are you needing? Total?

Stephen Chaloner
6:32pm Aug 16
What ever God lay in your hand, will really go a long way
 to help. We plan to raise about 100,000USD, so we can
 buy food stuff for 3 orphanage home, pay children fee,
 provide for the homeless and also provide for those who
 just suffer from Terrorist attack "Boko haram". Would 
really love you to partake in this project, will send you 
details of how to send your donation when you are ready. 
God bless you.

Stephen Chaloner
7:57pm Aug 16
We have been able to raise about 60,000usd for now 
and we really need support for this project to go through. 
Your donation will go a long way. Feed a child today,
 God bless you
Sheesh I hate to even tell my old friends that are frightened to death of Facebook and avoid it like a plague… they will be even be more frightened when I tell them the rest.

The minute that I clicked the “new Stephen” into my friends list – he started using me and my friend’s list to tell them he was “Murray Lincoln” – the new one that they had just clicked into their friends list(even though I was still there on their list). Confused yet?

He also told them that I was selling a product that would help them and also a mission of some sort in the Philippines.  The photo of me is one from my own Facebook with Michelle Yee standing beside me – and the impression is that she is from the Philippines!  She is Chinese… from Malaysia.  But in African eyes she might look like some one from wherever…. Good enough to fool anyone.

Please Note: I’M NOT SELLING GREEN stuff as a health food whatever. I have many friends in and from the Philippines but have nothing to do with raising money.

Talk about a new scam – wow!

If you have clicked through some one that you thought was already on your list – and you didn’t check or contact them… you are now selling better yak butter to the people of Nepal… sorry to mess up your day this way… but you likely have been had!

I unfriended the New Stephen and let the real Steve know that I nuked him. The old Steve is still there and is now somewhere in Africa not able to check his Facebook – or maybe is too busy trying to get to the root of the new Stephen scam.

Poor Steve Chaloner… but no… Steve Chaloner had clicked on to someone else and that started the scammer to come my way.

I wonder if the dictionary will have a new term someday that is like STD – Sexually Transmitted Disease?  And the new one will be called FTD or FBTD…

I can’t wait until the new Stephen comes back at me… for more money. I will be sending him gobs and gobs of Bible Verses copied into his messages to me… and back to him…

I can’t wait.

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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make_17 said...

I think everybody should check out the Scam Detector app. I believe they're online as well.