Wednesday, August 15, 2012

“Externalization” and “Externalizations”

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“Externalization” and “Externalizations”
“Externalization” and “Externalizations” are new words for me.

I was introduced to these words via a Radio program this past week when the economists were explaining that everything we have or will buy or will use has some kind of externalization in our life. These externalizations could benefit us or cost us dearly – or make the product we bought cost more.

It is with this idea in mind that the economist’s suggestion and explanation to Government people will cause new taxes to be placed on me when the favorite thing that I have bought is causing pollution somewhere in the world.

It is with this idea that the ECO FEE is set for my buying a TV that will be with me for a gazzlion years… and they suspect that I will throw out my old TV which will be recycled somewhere.  I need to pay dearly for it.  The old TV might have been small… and the new one is large – but I have to pay for Large… because someday I will throw it away too…

I admit that I will never understand economists and their thinking.

But I do kind of catch the externalization(s) idea and the problem that is coming up.

It is interesting that the economist is using this word now. We have used it and know the idea from the old ways and days.

Each time I write down a note – or take notes in a class I am externalizing what my brain is thinking about. I am doing that now as I type these words.  You in turn are trying to internalize what I am externalizing.

It happens when I make excuses. My excuse is an externalized reason for the guilt that I feel for having been caught or having done something wrong. If I did something wrong and was not caught – there was no reason to give an excuse – or to externalize.

Further to this idea… if I externalize well enough I can deal with my anxiety and anxieties.  But when I dwell on it long enough I will possibly become neurotic and going too far will suffer the development of neurosis.

So far, externalization seems to be bad for me.

But if I go back inside of me and think of one person that has helped me greatly this past week. Then I go to that person and tell them how special they are… and dare I say this to my macho friends… that we actually love them and appreciate them so much… that is the best EXTERNALIZATION that can happen.

Alright.. alright.. that will cause problems some places. If I do that to the cashier at the grocery store for helping me pack my bags… she might think I am weird.

The other day we were in a Fast Food restaurant. I went into the washroom and saw a guy wiping up a mess that someone had left behind.  He was working steadily at mopping up the floor and cleaning the counter top.

I looked at him and said, “I just want to tell you that you are doing a great job. I appreciate that you are keeping this washroom clean. Keep up the good work!”

He was startled I am sure. Then slowly a smile came over his face as he said, “Thanks, just doing what they asked me to do.” Then he turned back to the mop and was still smiling when I left.

I am thinking of how I might better externalize something today that I have inside waiting to burst out.

Hmmm… thank you for reading this Blog. You are the reason that I write… all 200 to 300 of you people today – way out there in the old world.  Thank you.

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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