Thursday, August 30, 2012


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On our journey to Brighton, Ontario yesterday the gas prices had zoomed up again. In Toronto they were high as well the day before… the prices went up over 8 cents (over our Peterborough prices)!

The guy on the radio had warned us that the Price of Gas was going up because of Hurricane Isaac. At that stage the prices went up and the Hurricane had not yet come anywhere near land!

Further to this there was a fatal explosion and a closure of Venezuela’s largest refinery – and it affected our Gas Prices???? Duh?

So you really think I am stupid?  How in the name of any Refinery or Gas Company does the price of fuel in the ground at my service station get more expensive before the disaster even happens?

Now typically our politicians have done nothing about it.  They stand back and “let-ur rip” through my hard earned savings.  Their gold mine of Gas Taxes are hinged to the price of fuel going up – why would they stop that from happening?

In Canada we have oil coming out our ears. 

In Northern Alberta there harvesting way more oil than we can use – so they say.  They had planned to ship it to the USA – but the USA folk said that aint gonna happen.  SO instead they decided they would send it over the mountains of BC and off to China. The BC Premiere and all things political in BC said NO to that idea.

They think that we are so stupid to agree to any of this! 

If the average John Q Public had any say in this they would build a good and very big REFINERY in Alberta – say a little south of where they are now harvesting the oil then USE IT IN CANADA!

If we have this much oil can we not use it in Canada and tell the STUPID USA REFINERY GIANTS IN AND AROUND LOUSIANA – that – “WE DON’T NEED YOUR OIL or GAS… we have all we need in CANADA!!”????

I mean Alberta would get even more filthy rich than they are now.  Gas prices in Canada would be set much lower out of the kindness of the hearts of the All the Oil Giants.

But no – we will fight to sell it to whoever – fight over messing up our mountains and streams – fight over who gets the money – and continue to be gouged because a Hurricane has not yet hit some where thousands upon thousands of miles away!!!?

We don’t get Hurricanes in Alberta!

Yep they do think you are stupid. Open your wallet and simply give them everything.

Come on Canada – WAKE UP!

I work with once-upon-a-time bad men coming from Federal Prisons, These guys have done bad things, were caught, tried and convicted and then paid for what they did in Prison.

The only difference between the Gas Companies and the Guys in Federal Prisons… is they have never been caught. They do the bad things, never get caught, never tried and never ever convicted… and keeping on robbing you blind!

Why?  Tell me WHY?

Yep – there is the answer – they simply think you are stupid.

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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