Monday, August 6, 2012

The Prevention of Rape – The Stopping of a Rapist

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The Prevention of Rape – The Stopping of a Rapist
I am struggling as to whether I publish this or not… but as I begin I know that I have to.

The thought started as a “can you believe it” thought and “no way”; and then it progressed to “brilliant” and “why not”!!

I found the first reference to this new device on one of my female friend’s Facebook page.  She had posted the photo and the link to an article that described what is being produced for women in South Africa to help deter rapists.

Here is the photo that I saw.  At first I thought it was a Vase lying on its side…

The woman inserts this device into her vagina and carries it there like an internal condemn, as a safety device against rape.  When a potential rapist attacks the woman he is caught by the barbs inside of the device. It solidly locks on to his “male part” and cannot be taken off without surgical help at a hospital and/or help by a doctor.

Now my male readers all cringe the way that I did when I read about this invention.  The female readers may react the way my wife did when she said, “Good for her!”, referring to woman that designed it.

The pain that the rapist would know would immediately stop further advances and the woman would be able to flee.  99.9% of the men involved would not be able to do anything at all after the attachment is made…most would not be able to run, walk or flee in anyway… and if they did it would be very slowly – making capture by police even more possible.

Why would a woman design such a horrible item to inflict so much pain?  What could have motivated her to go this way?

Well the woman is Sonnet Ehlers (or Sonette Ehlers – I have found two ways to spell her name) and she lives in South Africa.  Sonnet Ehlers is a former Medical Technician.

Robyn Dixon wrote in her article “Controversy in South Africa over device to snare rapists” that, “Ms Ehlers said she was inspired after meeting a traumatized rape victim who told her, "If only I had teeth down there."

Working as a Minister in Church work for many years I have spoken with and tried to help some rape victims.  Often they would come for help many years after the nightmare to find relief from the horror.  I have witnessed what they have gone through after some man has proved his virility – and satisfied his twisted idea of love making.

I can see where someone should come up with a means to deter these animals as they attack women for their own sick and twisted way of thinking.

Sonnet Ehlers should be highly praised and given a Medal for her bravery to take this on and complete the project.

Sonnet Ehlers is not the only person that has come up with a solution to rape attacks.  In the Wikipedia Web Site an article refers to Jaap Haumann and his design.  The article describes what this design does… quote…
An early prototypical anti-rape female tampon was invented in late 2000 by Jaap Haumann, a South African man, for the purpose of preventing rape. Haumann's device was designed to resemble a tampon for ease of insertion, and consisted of a hard cylindrical plastic core containing a tensioned spring blade primed to slice when pressed against by the tip of a penis. Following activation, a portion of the tip of the penis would be removed, in effect performing a minor penectomy.”
End quote and OUCH!

South Africa holds the terrible record of being the highest rate of raping anywhere in the world – with rape taking place at a rate of one ever 30 seconds.  See this Link “Sexual violence in South Africa" to read more.  Think of how many women were raped sinc you started reading this posting!!!

The question comes up as to the fact that the rapist may hurt the woman even more if she were to do this.  If it has gone as far as him penetrating her – she has already been hurt badly, both physically and emotionally – and she could be about to die. This small item that would cost less than 20 cents may give her that last opportunity to try to save her life.

I am one of the men that would strongly support the developing “Rape-aXe”.  I am definitely a man that detests rapists and all that they have done.

But I am also a man that has tried to get rapists straightened out in their approach to life. I have worked with them personally and will be asking what their opinion is of the “Rape aXe”.

Thank you Sonnet Ehlers for your bold step forward.

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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