Monday, August 13, 2012

Mars and the USA’s “Curiosity” looking for what? Dumb idea maybe?

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Mars and the USA’s “Curiosity” looking for what? Dumb idea maybe?
“How much have you put into this idea? How much of your money have you spent on this project?” asked one of the Dragons on the Dragon’s Den TV program.

The man shuffled from foot to foot before he said. “I have mortgaged my house and other properties. I have invested about $750,000 of my personal money in the project. It has affected my family and every part of my life. I am completely committed to making this business become viable.”

The Dragon that asked the question sputtered a little and said that the man was crazy to do such a thing. No matter how good the idea seemed to him he should never have laid out so much money!  “This is a bad idea! I am out!” stated the Dragon angrily.

The poor guy left the TV Show without the expected help that he wanted from the Millionaires called Dragons.

Can you imagine spending all that money on something that isn’t really that important to mankind? Something that most people do not really want or need, something that will be discarded before one week’s time is up?  Something that has cost this man everything!!!? Including all of his $750,000 which may include his house and family…


I have been watching and reading about something that is far more expensive than the $750,000 project the man on the Dragon’s Den presentation ever put together.

It is the amazing new Mars rover called “Curiosity” that is now moving about Mars (not yet but soon may be) and sending information and photos “home” to NASA – 350 Million Miles away.

I am reading how the success is going (hopefully) with the new software being transmitted and uploaded into the computer on board “Curiosity” to make it do new things. It is called a “Patch” that is sent via transmission to the small unit on the face of Mars.

In doing the reading I have so far I found out that computer onboard “Curiosity” is old technology and that my cell phone has more up-to-date technology on it.

Does that make you think… “Duh? Is something not a little weird here?”  The last time my computer got an upgrade from its Mother Microsoft here in North America – it didn’t work so well. It was sent by a fairly secure and accurate phone line that involves a lot of fibre optics and stuff – ON EARTH – not 350 million miles away!

It apparently takes 30 to 50 seconds to send the signal… the photo… and whatever to the rover.

Hmmm?  What would the Dragons on the Dragon’s Den TV Program say about this?  The US Government has invested a gazillion dollars to get one machine with an older style computer to sit on a huge, flat, dusty plain on Mars – and look at sand and rocks as far as the eye can see…?????

Maybe the response would be, “This is a dumb idea… I’m out! Investing your children’s money and your children’s, children’s money multiplied a hundred times… seems like not such a good idea. I’m out!”

Oh boy!  With the new Presidential candidates in the USA spewing how they need to cut and slash and burn spending… poor little “Curiosity” may sit for a long time on that Martian landscape and wait for it new Patch.

“Curiosity” is not the first rover to be placed on Mars. You can read about here Mars Exploration Rover”

There are two other rovers on Mars now serving the USA.  One is stuck in the sand and can’t move anymore.  They call it their “stationary platform” on Mars.

Too funny… it is a very expensive rover stuck in Martian sole without its sand tires on…an old computer onboard – even older than “Curiosity’s” – and it can’t move anywhere.

This is Monday morning – Patch Day in the USA and on Mars.

This is the day I ask “Why?”

They say that one of the things that they are looking for is some evidence that Mars might have had water on it at one time in the distant past…????

So how will that change my world? Mars may have had water on it long ago… what about now?  No? Well we all knew that and could care less!

Plain and simple… any old farmer in Saskatchewan knows that some fields are just not the kind you plant grain in… it is dumb to try… there might have been dinosaurs swimming here long ago too… but nothing will grow in that land now… so why go there?

 I mean… WHY?

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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